NEWS: Details Of Rick Ross’ C.O. Past Hit The Net


Written By Cyrus Langhorne 


More information has emerged on Miami rapper Rick Ross, detailing his history as a correctional officer and dismissing his alleged criminal background, as his Florida Department of Corrections (DoC) records continue to leak. has obtained an additional 86 pages of Ross’ personnel file from the DoC of his 18-month employment as a corrections officer in the mid-90s. Included documentation ranges from Ross’ employment application and finger print card proving his clean criminal background to signed agreement forms where he promised to “shoot an inmate attempting to escape.” 

Also found in the reports are his loyalty oath, payroll information, and a Certificate of Appreciation that he received due to his perfect attendance record.

As previously reported by SOHH, The Smoking Gun recently confirmed that Ross worked as a prison guard from December 1995 until June 1997 at the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County, despite denials by the rapper. He was reportedly  earning a salary of $25,794.34 upon his departure.

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Now, I am one of those people that don't think his previous C.O. status is a big deal, but he made it a big deal when he lied about it, which makes it look like there is something he's hiding.

But for real....does anyone think that his fan base will continue to embrace him? What do yall think?

I AM one who thinks this is a big deal....anyone who don't just aint street enough to feel the betrayal.

If I had a patna who turned out to be police.....we'd neva be tha same. Fuck billy bob...aka william roberts...aka the artist formerly known as rick ross~

Who cares the nigga was a c.o. nobody said shit about him when he was in the "take it to the house" video when he was fucking wit slip in slide ... music is music if trick leak that pic and cause this then wat does that say about him... they dont talk about the arrest rick had a the start of the year and thats posted up on the smoking gun with his mug shot who knows wat he was like when he was a c.o. i know catz that was lock down under him know how how he was they havent can forward

I think that just tells you how sad the state of things is: here's a guy who made an honest, decent living. He had aspirations to be a rapper. Unfortunately to be successful in the rap industry you mostly have to either have been a criminal, a gang member, a thug, or some other type of negative person in life, otherwise you gotta make up some bullshit resume. In this case, Ross felt obligated to make up the bullshit resume, not only cuz it would sell more records but also cuz his former career was in law enforcement. You honestly think the record labels or radio would push a rap record by a former CO? Do you honestly think it would have been "cool" for hiphop fans since he really never was affiliated wit no gang, or was a pusher, or all that? Very few rappers make it through unless they talkin about shit like that. Everyone mad at dude for not being real and lieing about it afterwards. Frankly it wasn't the right thing to do, but it was definitely the practical thing to do in his situation. I see dude as just another victim of the rap industry: where you can't make it unless you a negative role model to young kids.


fuck this fat clown I never thought he was all that anyway. Fat country ass wanna be a city nigga so bad.

This jus shows that there are crooked cops. Watch ya back

Hey hes better than me hes got perfect attendence lol


Damn. Guess what everyone! They found EVEN MORE documents PROVING he was a CO. Joe blow of SMOKING GUN DOT COM fame made a few calls (because his life aint bout **&* so he hides it by having "friends in the industry" that invites him to parties and sells him proprietary information exposing people for the humans that they are) and DUG UP 86 MORE DOCUMENTS REHASHING THE SAME STUFF WE SAW ABOUT A WEEK AGO. SOHH - Dont you read your own readers comments? Even Miami is behind the man and folks have wrote it off so do yourself a favor and shut down and split the dollars between the other members if you're just going to copy and paste off of another website and send it to us. But then we still give them a hit when we come here to voice our opinion so they win anyway.

If this is true then im really embarassed for this fat dude,being a gangsta or thug isnt a problem i mean most of these guys never really had a choice,but being fake is the worst thing in the hip hop nation, if u were a prison guard or watever before being a rapper just let the kids know rather than present yaself as a fat tattooed wanabe drug dealer gangsta.Rick Ross u better step up n say something before shit gets real bad for u.

This nigga promises to T.O.S. an convict?!?!? this nigga is a phucking snitch & a traitor

He probably works w/ the Hip Hop Po Po in MIA

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