NEWS: Chris Brown & Ne-Yo Remix Gum Jingles

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Written By Cyrus Langhorne


R&B superstars Chris Brown and Ne-Yo have been tagged by Wrigley’s Gum to create modern versions of their renowned products’ theme songs.

According to Billboard, the two singers will be remixing jingles for different Wrigley’s products as Brown has been chosen to create a catchy hook for Doublemint while Ne-Yo is presenting an updated tune for Big Red.

Neither artists have revealed their remixed versions yet but Wrigley’s is offering a New York concert this week to introduce the songs. Popular NY radio station Hot 97 is expected to promote the event by giving away free tickets.

After the new offerings have been presented, a campaign by Translation Advertising is expected to launch.

Wrigley’s is the latest company to update their signature products with remixed songs as McDonald’s recently offered a contest for people to come up with a modern hook of their 1970’s theme.

The Wrigley’s concert will take place tomorrow in Manhattan.

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