SOHH Witnesses Rakim's Rap Royalty In NYC

Posted on August 14, 2009 3:34 AM

Whatever you THOUGHT you knew about hip-hop, trash it. Yes, trash it. Just like the little recycle bin at the corner of your 'puter displays, get rid of it...because SOHH On The Scene saw, first-hand, what it meant to be a true hip-hop head at the hands of DJ Kid Capri, Grandmaster Caz, the legendary Rakim, and...why not, a good ol' surprise appearance by "The Boss." You already know...

Honestly, with a few sips of throwback Mountain Dew left and the sun slowly creeping up on me on a chilled Friday morning (it's 3:38 a.m.....and I'm still killing it!)...I'm going to let the videos speak for themselves as you all peep one of the hottest summer nights in New York City thanks to a true hip-hop legend, Rakim.

Granted, the VIP view was pretty dope, but it must have been destiny..but a fire started in the VIP bar and we all were forced to hit the main floor or much as I wanted to rush home and get the Socom on and poppin', I did it for hip-hop...and made my way to the front just for you guys:

Come on, Capri and hip-hop legend Caz? You gotta be kidding me....really? Yup, yerp, was definitely a good look for rap Thursday (August 13) night...with records like "Ante Up," "Shook Ones Part II," "OPP" and more jams than your moms and pops can probably recite on a car ride with their New Jack City leather on....(laugh)......Capri held it down!

Even after the crowd started to slow down (and Rakim was running late), Capri happened to bump into a bit of destiny (and luck) himself as....yup, you got it...Rick Ross and company (Triple C's) came through and literally shut down the one really thought Capri was serious when he said the "Boss" was going to hit the stage...but when he did...oh boy, Killa!

Ross later performed "Magnificent" and even tried to stay on the stage a bit longer..but Capri gave him the pass and kept rocking things 'til your favorite rapper's poster rapper (eventually) came through:

Posted by Cyrus Langhorne

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