SOHH Rocks W/ Slum Village, Slaughterhouse, Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek In NYC

Posted on August 29, 2009 5:46 PM

What a night it was...truly one of the most memorable ones I have personally had on a Friday (August 28) night in the Big Apple (New Yaaawk for some of you non-locals...), from getting into BB King's on 42nd street aka "Tourist Central" for a Rock the Bells Presents set on a rainy night to being sqaushed between more breasts than a Popeyes' rack...(Ladies Love Kweli...really.) Before you scroll down, be cautioned...only real hip-hop heads proceed....the night was orgasmically packed (pause) with Pete Rock, Supernatural, Slum Village (Rip Baatin), Slaughter-HOUSE!!!! and the reunion of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek.

Okay, so by now you should know my steez...if you catch me at a hip-hop event, I get my nerd-boy meets hip-hop kid on by going as close to the front to offer you guys the same experience I minus the sweaty elbows, spilled Cranberry juices and people smudging the owe me! (laugh)

The venue at BB Kings felt exactly the same as it did when I went back through there in '05 for Slim Thug/Lil Scrappy/Young Gunz and Memphis Bleek....lights dimmed down, fellas trying to act somewhat Polo Ralph Lauren meets G-Unit Brand with their mugs...but fast forward a solid 45 minutes and we're at about 12 a.m. when Pete Rock graced the stage and told fans to get ready for a one-night stand we'd be wanting more of...

With that said...Supernatural! Granted, he really did about four different songs, I only got a couple locked on the camera for you guys..this guy is SICK! He truly is one of the dopest emcees in the game which can spin it in any direction given a microphone...from grabbing people's hats, cell phones, red magic marker, Chapstick (yes, Chapstick..) and more to create bars relating to ' immediately realized why Rock The Bells is as renowned as it is...."represent the real HIP-HOP!!!"

After being blown away by Supernatual (pause), Slum Village hit the stage as Pete Rock dropped their old and new hits...I can't fake, some of their new stuff like "You" and "Paid" were illy, it was more so their throwbacks of "Selfish" and "Tainted" which KILLED it! Giving periodic "RIP's" to Baatin and J. Dilla, T3 and Elzhi sparked excitement throughout the crowd who were screaming for their personal selections....a freestyle or two later, they showed love and made their way off the set....

SLAUGHTER...HOUSE! Yup, that's pretty much the chant we heard about five minutes later when DJ Frequency got set up and showed off the hottest rap group in the game right now...consisting of...(drum roll, y'all...): Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9 and Crooked I....aside from their own records, the foursome also asked us to give DJ AM a moment of silence due to his passing....(SILENCE)....................aight, then the party started to rock again.....with each member performing a cut from their own respective region.....i.e. Royce doing "The Way I Am" for Detroit, Crooked's "Nothing But A G Thang," Joe Budden's "Hip Hop Hooray" and Joell Ortiz's "Hypnotize...."

And following their set......who else other than Hi-Tek and Talib which showed the Big Apple is still in harvest....seeing this hip-hop couple (pause, fo' real) together with Hi on the decks and Talib spitting bars was incredible. I'm talking about records like "Kweli" and "Never Fell In Love Before" along with some vintage Black Star joints. Even when the record table broke down and they needed some help, Talib showed his emcee skills and freestyle to the crowd which screamed with impression and...actually forget all that...check out the footage below as a "Ghost" even makes his way to the stage.....

Ahhh...hip-hop. ---Cyrus Langhorne, SOHH Senior News Writer

Posted by Cyrus Langhorne

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