SOHH Goes Loso's Way In NYC W/ Fabolous

Posted on August 25, 2009 1:09 AM

Another great performance, another great expectation from none other than Daaa ddaaa daaa ddaaaa 'mmmmnnn. (laugh) Come on, you guys remember Fabolous' throwback records, right? Regardless, it was a nice black summer's night in August....just kidding...let's stick to the program....

From cranberry-laced juice re-fills to semi-two stepping throughout the Santos Party Room nightclub around Canal Street in lower Manhattan, the area was set for another memorable "SOHH ON THE SCENE" run featuring none other than Fabolous (and Paul Cain). Hosted by Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg, you wouldn't even notice the shaved head bandit/comedy rhyme slinger spinning up top as crowds of people began to pack the venue...For "political purposes....: the show was put together by Cornerstone/Footlocker/Reebok/Hot 97....."

Don't laugh....I always get suggestions about showcasing the pardon the non-excited the above video provides! (laugh)

From shouting out different boroughs and even trying to establish whether or not his name was able to snag a few casual Jewish hip-hop heads, Rosenberg had the spot on lock without his sidekick Cipha the Hot 97 banner overlooked the crowd, the crowd continued to look forward and wait for signs of Fab touching down in the back...(which is normally ignited by soundcheck guys hitting the stage, groupies being escorted back, etc...)

Rosenberg made sure to go all-out with the Big Pun, M.O.P., Busta Rhymes (I'm on my New York 'isssssssssh), Biggie Smalls, throwback Bad Boy records, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana and other Dipset records from the first Diplomats albums....ahhhh, it was really great.

Long story short, Fab finally graced the stage accompanied by a grip of live band members including a guitarist (real one, not on the "Guitar Hero" tip...), a keyboad player, a chillaxed deejay and a few of his hype men holding down the spot...

When Fab started, my oh my....if you had a girl that night, she was officially "not" yours for the next two hours..., the original "DJ Clue Mixtape Assassin" went off the wall and performed hit after hit...from "Into You" and "Baby Don't Go," Fab also broke fellas off (pause!!!) with some other records in the form of "Breathe," "Keeping It Gangsta," "Diamonds In My D*mn Chain," "Super Woman," "Holla Back Young'N" and more.

With hands waving in the air like we just didn't care, Fab rocked the party and made us forget any worries we had as his swag set the mood and helped the hardest of tough guys actually put their arms in the air and two-step for a few records! Ahhhhh, Fab-o-loso, incredibly illy....

Reported by SOHH Senior News Writer Cyrus Kyle Langhorne.

Posted by Cyrus Langhorne

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