SOHH Goes Behind The Music W/ Rick Ross At His "Deeper Than Rap" Listening Session

Posted on March 18, 2009 1:22 AM

Subtract Rick Ross' current rap beef with 50 Cent and erase those corrections officer allegations (and facts) from summer 2008 and you're left with one of the biggest forces to invade hip-hop in a long time, "The Boss." With anxiety from attendance members whispering "Officer Ricky" to fans in disguise chanting, "Bawsss," Ross and Def Jam put together an impressive listening session Tuesday (March 17) night at New York City's Tribeca Grand Hotel for the rapper's upcoming Deeper Than Rap album.

Living up to the hype behind Ross' elegant and fancy album cover look, the event took place at the fancy Tribeca Grand Hotel in lower Manhattan equipped with a full staff of Def Jam workers and servers offering an open bar selection of drinks upon entry past the required check-in list.

Getting my SOHH feet wet by getting a feel for the spot, I couldn't help but notice how organized and prepared the event was, unlike a majority of the Ross viral videos including his recent mini-me cake introduction. Decked with Def Jam painting-like signs and burning candles throughout the dim room, the atmosphere had an urban but grown and sexy overall feel.

With no idea what to expect, an announcement was made to guests saying to make your way into the theater before seats were filled up. A free Deeper Than Rap t-shirt and program-filled flyer later, Ross made his way to the stage.

Attempting to give you guys the "exclusive" feel of attending a listening session, I've included the videos below for each of the nine songs Ross played for us. Keep in mind, the "Boss" made sure to give fans a Ludacris-like Theater of the Mind feel as each song was accompanied by an iconic gangster film ranging from "Cold Blooded's" King of New York to Belly being shown throughout "Maybach Music Pt. 2."

Just in case there are some readers who are a bit more old-fashioned (like me) and prefer reading a bit more than video, here's a slight break and break-down of the records Ross played for the crowd.

Deeper Than Rap listening session: "Cold Blood," "Ususual Suspect" featuring Nas, "Maybach Music Pt. 2" featuring Kanye West & Lil Wayne, "All I Really Want" featuring The-Dream, "Gunplay" featuring Gunplay, "Cigar Music" featuring Masspike Miles, "Top of the World" featuring Avery Storm, "Mafia Music" and "Magnificent" featuring John Legend.

And the music returns...

Carrying himself as "The Boss," it was only necessary his departure be to "Magnificent" as the most-talked-about-rapper-right-now gave his respect to everyone coming out and his promise of more music to come.

As an added bonus to SOHH readers, I've also included a rough breakdown of which films matched up with each Ross record...with the exception of one...

King of New York and "Cold Blood." Belly and "Maybach Music Pt. 2." Blow and "All I Really Want." Godfather II and "Gunplay." Scarface and "On Top of the World" New Jack City and "Mafia Music." Carlito's Way and "Magnificent."

Experienced and written by SOHH Senior News Writer Cyrus Langhorne.

Posted by Danica

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