SOHH News Writer Cyrus Langhorne Covers Jadakiss & Fabolous Concert

Posted on March 8, 2009 10:37 AM

One night. One city. One Apollo Theater. Easily one of the most historic spots in Harlem, New York City, the stage was set Saturday (March 8) night with headliners Slim, Fabolous and Jadakiss alongside non-stop surprise guests ranging from Maino and Ryan Leslie to Harlem's own...Mr. Killa himself...Cam'ron.

Not trying to fool loyal SOHH readers, this was the kid's first time at the Apollo Theater and what a way to experience a venue known for bringing in legends like James Brown, The Jackson 5, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and more.

Trying to get the crowd up and moving with classic cuts like "Only You" and up to his new material including "Heels On," 112's Slim was able to keep things moving grown and sexy for a predominantly hip-hop crowd. It was when the soft-voiced singer shouted out "B.I.G." that the crowd really began to find their second burst of energy.

"Where my true 112 fans at," Slim, dressed in an all black attire, asked. "We gonna take it all the way back to 1997 [with 'Only You'.] I think they know something about this record...If you believe in love let me hear you tonight! Where my true 112 fans? I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, but I learned my roots here in New York City. I feel like B.I.G. is in the building tonight! I wanna thank y'all, we been in the game for 12 years, your boy Slim is now the CEO of his own label. Y'all supported me straight up!" (Apollo Performance)

The "Talk of New York" (no disrespect to Tony Yayo), F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s followed shortly afterwards as the packed crowd was heard from wall to wall spelling out the kid's name like a Spelling Bee competition. Fab offered "something for the ladies" while still keeping things gutter for the fellas in the crowd with hits like "So Into You," "Keepin' It Gangsta" and "Make Me Better." He also threw in surprise guests Red Cafe, Maino and Ryan Leslie who performed their respective hit singles.

"Give me something for the ladies," Fab told his deejay as 'So Into You' went into rotation. "Do my ladies run this motherf*cker? How many people in this motherf*cker got at least one hater? I want y'all put to a middle finger up and wave...Say 'Hi Hater'...make some noise for my man Maino!" (Apollo Performance)

Although Fab rocked the party, it was the raspy-voiced "Haa Haaaaa" Jadakiss who made fans cough up the admission ticket sales in the economy's recession and enjoy every minute of his closing performances. Bringing out fellow D-Block members Styles P and Sheek Louch to sling raps over "Good Times," "Blow My Mind," and "Kiss Your A** Goodbye," it was the unexpected appearance of Cam'ron who spit verses to "I Really Mean It" and "Suck It Or Not" that made fans wild out over the balcony with their camera phones.

"What is the deal," Jada asked the packed house of screaming fans. "We gonna motherf*cking party tonight! Everybody get on out your seat. It feels good to be here. D-Block in the building, Jadakiss, all the ladies, all the fellas, I love all y'all. Before we set this sh*t off, I need everybody to stand up and put they middle finger in the air! (Apollo Performance)

And in comes Killa......

If you were there, then you are likely to have these memories stuck to you until the "hot summer" comes around, but SOHH On The Scene can attest, while New York rappers are being second guessed nowadays, both Fab and Jada made it well-known the Big Apple's emcees are far from rotten.

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