In The Studio with Michelle Williams and Robin Thicke

Posted on April 8, 2008 5:26 PM

Since DJ Mars blessed us with a blog all the way from Japan yesterday, I decided to hold off on posting this one. Now it’s time to play catch up. Last week, I had the opportunity to hear new music from both Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child and Robin Thicke.


Let’s start off with Michelle first. On Thursday the folks at Columbia/Music World held an intimate gathering for her at the legendary Electric Lady Studios. They treated members of the press to appetizers, wine and a first listen to Michelle’s new album. Matthew Knowles and Michelle actually went around the room and shaking hands and thanking everyone for coming. Michelle was super excited about the new album. She danced along to most of the tracks and kept talking about how much fun she had recording.

Since her days in Destiny’s Child, Michelle has released two solo gospel albums but now she’s back on the secular side of things with a new album titled, Unexpected. I would say Unexpected is about half pop/dance tracks and half R&B style tracks that you would expect from a member of DC. It sounds good though and it’s just different enough to have major crossover appeal. It's scheduled to drop in August.


Then on Friday, I was invited to Legacy Studio to hear a few cuts from Robin Thicke’s upcoming album. Robin insisted upon serving up glasses of champagne before pressing play because, as he says, his new album is “wine and bubbly music.” As candlelight flooded the studio, Robin ran through a few tracks. Upon first listen I have to say the album sounds great. Robin went into the studio immediately after touring and it shows. His band is really tight and his voice sounds strong. Here are a few notes on the album which Mr. Thicke plans to release in June.

“Magic” is most likely going to be the first single. Robin uses horns, horns and more horns to evoke the magic of a perfect relationship.

“Dream World” was definitely my favorite song. Robin describes his idea of a perfect world where he can drive a big old car and be left alone to drink his wine. It definitely causes you to imagine your own dream world.

“Side Step”may be the second single. It’s an uptempo record which will definitely make you want to dance.

“Harmony” is a feel good song about a girl who discovers her inner-beauty.

“Loverman” will definitely be a hit with any lady who wants to envision Mr. Thicke as her loverman.

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