[Video] Wow....This New Singer Estelle Is The Truth! Listen To Her New Album Too!

Posted on April 21, 2008 2:50 PM


Last week I [Gyant] had the chance to meet & greet UK's soul singer Estelle here in the ATL. She's the new protégé of John Legend, as well as the first artist off his new record label, Home School Records. Atlanta's most influential voices in media all stopped by the Atlantic Records offices to chill out with the budding star. Y’all know how I do, I got pictures, and video for you all to check out below.


I can’t front, I really wasn’t too familiar with Estelle until I googled her about an hour before I was scheduled to stop by the Atantic Records offices. I mean I had seen her video and images on urban blogs around the internet, but I was never compelled to actually click play on any of her material.


However after meeting her and listening to the music I now can say that I’m a fan. Her music is a refreshing sound, and is a direct contrast to today’s overly produced songs that are often times sloppily executed by poorly skilled singers. But this chick is the TRUTH! Picture Amy Winehouse minus the hard drugs/tragedy and add a heavier reggae inspired tone â€" and you have Estelle. Her new album “Shine” has collaborations with Kanye West, John Legend, Wyclef Jean and a host of other musical talents.

If you’re on the fence about this soul singer â€" get off of it because this chick is what real music heads are looking for.

Now, I normally don’t purchase albums, but I believe in this project SOHH mcuh I'm going to support it by getting my copy off iTunes on its release date. But a nice CD from Atlantic would be nice for my CD player at home [hint, hint Cannon].

I had a more in depth sit down with Estelle that we will have on the site soon. All the rumors about her record label forcing her to get her teeth fixed are, in Estelle words, "rubbish".


Talk to y’all lata,

--SOHH Gyant

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