Melyssa Ford on Ass Implants, "I kinda think it's blasphemous!"

Posted on June 7, 2007 5:13 PM

Melyssa Ford and Ali Vegas

As I mentioned yesterday, we interviewed Melyssa Ford at Sirius Satellite Radio's New York offices earlier this week. (June 5).

The funny thing is, as me and Ali Vegas were heading upstairs, I remembered that I needed to ask her about T-Pain and randomly mentioned that I needed to interview DJ Khaled and ask him about his excessive use of the n-word.

Barely five minutes after entering the lobby, here comes T-Pain with a few of his handlers. We already know how my chat with T-Pain went.

Coincidentally, Khaled walked into the lobby two minutes after T-Pain.You should have seen him trying to catch a glimpse of miss Ford's posterior when she came and got us out of the lobby.


The rapper encounters didn't stop there. Towards the end of our interview, Yung Joc passed by the studio. Joc once again gets point for the "Down To Earth Rapper" Award as he politely played the back rather than interrupt the interview like most obKNOXious stars would.

But let's finally get to the meat of this entry. I asked Miss Ford where she stood on butt enhancement and here's what she had to say.

"I kinda think it's blasphemous. I mean as black women, I kinda think that it's just wrong. I mean, we're pretty much born with them. That's our thing," Melyssa explained. "White women usually have really big breast, black women, we got a whole lot of ass. And I just think that when we mess with it, I just think that it's just wrong."

"People thought that I was on the Hollywood diet and I started losing a lot of weight. It wasn't consciously, I was just going through personal issues and a lack of appetite," she added. "I didn't realize how much weight I was losing...and I was lacking some ass. And I was like, 'ohhhh. That's not good.'"

Be on the lookout for Ford's SOHH Focused segment tomorrow.

Melyssa Ford and me

Also make sure to check out The Melyssa Ford Show on Sirius' Hot Jamz from noon to 6pm.

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