Linkin Park Pulls No Show At Album Release Party

Posted on May 14, 2007 11:34 AM

Random dude at Linkin Park Event

It's sad to say, but these events usually have nothing to do with the artists. We actually pay attention to the artists because it's an indication of what the crowd is going to be like. For instance, ya'll ain't about to catch me at no D-Block shows. Dudes' concerts are usually doo rag conventions held at SOB's or sweat box clubs.

As mentioned in previous entries, there's something about the Ecko Showroom aka Studio 54 in New York City. Even non Hip-Hop events like Linkin Park's album release party pop off.

Considering that the event took place on a Friday (May 11), an unusual industry party day, the venue was expected to be crowded. Not the case. The Ecko Showroom was busy with attendees but still allowed plenty of elbow room. Regardless, Linkin Park didn't show up to their own event. I mean, we saw Matt Pinfield and LP's Chester Bennington outside before the evening began, but none of them dudes were to be found during the event. No performance, no pit stop, nothing. Did we care? Hell nah! The joint was vodka open bar. Does this guy look like he cared about LP not being there.

We like Linkin Park. I mean, they ain't the Beatles or nothing, but they dope. Anyway, I'd like to thank them for holding a dope album release party.

Werdplay (Blestenation) and SOHH On The Scene Model Sam Ed
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Sam Ed and Mark

Making a rare appearance with Mark

Danica (SOHH) making her debut with Sam Ed

As Always Sam made new friends

"Girl Sam had with him shoulda won the Horse Awards"

Who the hell are these chicks?

We later headed to the Stephan Marley after party and ran into some friends along the way.

Sam Ed with Larry

Sam Ed with Cipha Sounds

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