"MOTHERF*&KER!!!!!" (laugh) No worries, there is actually (if I recall correctly) no cursing in any of these videos from down below, however, I want to extend my deepest apologies to some loyal SOHH readers who thought the "SOHH On The Scene" blog got dealt like "Omar" from The Wire...nah, relax, we're still here in full effect....just working out a few technical issues SOHH you can find the links on our homepage.....but putting all of that to the side...it's cha boy, Senior News Writer Cyrus Langhorne back in full effect with another SOHH On The Scene Exclusive...

A Day At Def Jam...co-starring Playaz Circle....

What a night it was...truly one of the most memorable ones I have personally had on a Friday (August 28) night in the Big Apple (New Yaaawk for some of you non-locals...), from getting into BB King's on 42nd street aka "Tourist Central" for a Rock the Bells Presents set on a rainy night to being sqaushed between more breasts than a Popeyes' rack...(Ladies Love Kweli...really.) Before you scroll down, be cautioned...only real hip-hop heads proceed....the night was orgasmically packed (pause) with Pete Rock, Supernatural, Slum Village (Rip Baatin), Slaughter-HOUSE!!!! and the reunion of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek.

Another great performance, another great expectation from none other than Daaa ddaaa daaa ddaaaa 'mmmmnnn. (laugh) Come on, you guys remember Fabolous' throwback records, right? Regardless, it was a nice black summer's night in August....just kidding...let's stick to the program....


"Hi I'm Robert!"

With an outstretched hand and a mischievous smile, that's how "Robert" aka R. Kelly greeted me last night. He invited a bunch of bloggers and journalists into his Chicago home for a preview of his upcoming record entitled Untitled.

Whatever you THOUGHT you knew about hip-hop, trash it. Yes, trash it. Just like the little recycle bin at the corner of your 'puter displays, get rid of it...because SOHH On The Scene saw, first-hand, what it meant to be a true hip-hop head at the hands of DJ Kid Capri, Grandmaster Caz, the legendary Rakim, and...why not, a good ol' surprise appearance by "The Boss." You already know...

By SOHH Senior News Writer Cyrus Kyle Langhorn

Even as I type this "experience" up, my eyes are droopy and I can see the sun trying to creep up on my shoulders as 5:04 a.m. slowly changes to 5:05 a.m. However, if I told you SOHH was On The Scene (get it?) for a packed Nokia Theater, New York City venue with a 'special' opening act, 88-Keys and the legendary Mos Def and Talib Kweli forming as Black Star for one-night in the Big Apple...the "insomnia"-like re-cap may be slightly justified, right?

Last week I went up to the Universal Motown offices to interview Busta Rhymes about his new LP, Back on My B.S.. Though I've run into Busta on a red carpet or two in the past, this was my first sit down interview with the New York based emcee.

When I entered the green room at the label Bus-a-Bus was right in the middle of a hair cut. A black barber's cape was draped around his shoulders. Even though he was a little busy Busta took the time out to greet me. We chatted about current hip-hop hot topics while his barber shaped him up. When the cut was finally complete, Busta tossed on his black Yankee fitted and was ready for the interview.

Busta gave thoughtful answers to all of my questions including one about the recent surge of leaked information coming out about rappers like Alfamega and Rick Ross. We talked about everything from his two pre-album mixtape releases to Twitter.

Check out what Busta had to say about releasing his album the same day as Eminem, Method Man/Redman and DJ Drama.

Later in the week I was up at the Sony Building to interview J Records rapper, Hurricane Chris. When I walked into the conference room Chris was at one end of the table completing a phone interview while a few label reps and members of his team worked on laptops at the other end. A box of cold uneaten pizza sat on the table in front of him. Though he asked for a microwave to heat it up, the young rapper jumped right into his SOHH.com interview before taking a bite.

When he told me that he loves freestyling for his fans, I had to ask him to spit something for SOHH.com. Check it out.