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Pras from The Fugees Hits "Skid Row"


Friday after work, I headed over to City Cinemas Village East to catch Skid Row, a documentary in which Pras Michel of the Fugees spends 9 days living among the 11,000 homeless people who call LA's Skid Row home. Pras and his hidden cameras give us an inside look into overcrowded shelters, capture personal stories of those battling substance abuse and follow a distraught mother who is searching for her drug addicted son. Pras battles discrimination, hunger, rain and rats to bring this informative and enlightening film to the screen.

Here's what Pras told LAVoice.org about his experience:

You have to hustle, steal, shoplift or prostitute yourself. I chose panhandling. People gave me the worst looks. Like I was invisible and at the same time the worst person on Earth...

Any celeb can write a check for a good cause so it's very refreshing to see someone give of themselves like this. I highly, highly reccommend that you try to see this documentary. Here's the trailer:

For now Skid Row is playing on three screens in the country (City Cinemas Village East in NY, Landmark E-Street in DC and Culver Plaza Theatres in LA). Go to http://www.skidrowthemovie.com/ for more info.

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Dorian Lopez:

I really admire Pras for doing such a thing. I am from L.A.(Lincoln Heights)and have been thru SKID ROW plenty of times and its not pretty at all! Rappers talk about the "streets" and glorify it but they haven't been thru SKID ROW or MacArthur Park. And its crazy because when I was younger, SKID ROW wasn't that bad and in the daytime alot of chinese people would open up their warehouses and sell merchandise.

that shit is wild....I aint from LA, but drove through Skid Row while out there and aint nothing like it. Dope that pras took that step, definitely give him props and up his score for that alone.

I used to make so much money in skid row. All my hustlers know how much cash is in skid row. Its kinda sad cause there is alot of homeless retarded people, but you can really get paid if you gotta. Everybody from everyhood goes down there to get paper. Crips, bloods, eses, and no set trippin cause its all about dough. But it is depressing to see the people on the street, cause most of em are black. That shit looks like the slums of Africa next to the damn Jewelry District!! Mac arthur park is bad too. But these places are not the HOOD. Skid row is bad, but the hood is worse. South central is like skid row but with way less traffic and farther from the city and way more crime.

Check out that "Get it How ya Live". Rappers get ya bars up.


Pras gets the utmost respect from me to ever think about doing somet5hing like this.....


Yea, say what you want about the nigga but this shit is wild. Mad props to Pras


thats mad. on a deeper level, thats the only people that dont hustle or do stick-upz and all that. then they get looked at like peices of s#1T. but if they turned the pistol on them rich maFukas, at night. they wud be the ones beggin for their lives lookin pathetic. u know it takes alot 2 not rob someone when u like that. pras doin his thing another good role model in hiphop u wont hear about in the news.

Living in Canada, I can't watch the movie unfortunatly. I gotta also give mad props to Pras for doing this. I ain't even rich as he is and I still turn my back on these people at times. Hip Hop needs people like Pras for it to change. As I said many times, it's too bad he doesn't sound as good of the Pras of the fugees, this nigga sounded like the best mc while rapping on thescore IMHO. I hope he really can eventually use his true skills as a rapper and make a difference in this industry. Kudos to Pras and I wish ya success on this documentary and on your next album, peace!


I wonder how succesful it has been so far, I haven't seen the movie, hope I see it soon...

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