Throwback Monday: Pastor Mason Betha (aka Mase)

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Church yesterday, anyone? Did you happen to attend Murder Mase Pastor Mason Betha's church? I heard his sermon yesterday was about being fixated on money, drugs, women, and shiny suits. You know, material things of that nature.

"Feel So Good"


"Tell Me What You Want"


"Lookin at Me" 

"24 Hours to Live" 

"Get Ready" 

112 f/ Mase, Biggie "Only You" 

Biggie f/ Mase, Puffy "Mo Money Mo Problems" 


1 Comment

Random Hate with a 50 cent refrence.

Wow, if it aint broke dont fix it huh?

Oh wait, SOHH is broke. LOL.

You embarrass yourself.

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