Nicki Minaj: "I'm not another Lil Kim"


In this video, Queens rapper Nicki Minaj said "I would not want to paddle my career after any female... especially any female rapper."

This is the watered-down Queens version of Lil Kim we're talking about.

Look above at the pic with the open thighs and p*ssy aimed straight at the camera like Lil Kim's Hard Core pose. Nicki Minaj even redid Lil Kim's "Jumpoff" joint and took Biggie's "Warning" and remade it-- and sounded just like Kim as she was doing it.

And then she says-- in all seriousness-- that she would never want to be thrown in the same boat as any other female rapper...


Too bad she looks better than her raps sound. Sometimes that's what labels want. But in this case, the gimmick is too obvious to actually work. 


The lights are on, the radio's playing but nobody's home.

Nicki Manaj is a smut and a guaranteed flop. Flows are terrible. She makes Lil' Kim sound like the female Nas.


@@@@ NIMROD CO-sign play boi, i hate prima donnas, dats the problem with the damn rap game now, people doing to much talking before thier time, aint hating but a wise person once said

"success usually finds those who are too busy to look for it" grind then shine

whoever wrote this about her..of course u chose to name the songs that she did that were linked to biggie and kim..well damn she is from new york so 9 times outta 10 she is gona like about u go listen to her whole sucka free mixtape THEN u say she doesnt have a flow and she cant rap..YALL STUPID AS HELL NICKI MINAJ WOULD KILL KIM AND SHE IS THE NEXT BEST FEMALE RAPPER OUT THERE...GET REAL..JUST CUS SHE CUTER THAN ALL THE REST DOESNT MEAN SHE TRIES TO PLAY ON THAT ..YALL SOME HATERS..

At first i thought yeah she just another kim/fox clone, but nicki really does got something else to her. and of course she has played on the whole sex thing, she is new and is still trying to break in, but she def has more to her than just that. besides kim really never was that great to begin with, give me foxy brown or rah digga any day over wack ass lil kim

Bitch copied kim whole style fuckouttahere...

now she playing like she setting trends like kim did with the wigs, hate kim or love her, she always give props, and not sound like a bir

She right u can't compare a hoe that ain't sold not 1 album to the Queen Of HipHop been doing it for 12yrs hate kim or love her, the bitch has put in work, and this bird gotta a long way to go before she is compared to Kim, sure she cute, but but this bitch is a clone like trina khia, and Jacki-o bitches please!!!!!!!!!

she just fine. i mean, singers, etc. If you fine, you can get in. Wayne probably running through her. thats probably how she got on. real talk. its jacked up. the game is jacked up man


This bitch crazy....
Another bitch with a lace front wig that think she a dime just cause the wig look hot....SMDH @ her ugly ass...I can see right through the smoke and mirrors...I wonder how many dudes she sucked and fucked to get on???? And I've been hearing this chicks name for bout 3 years now, and this is my first time seeing her...I guess everyone that's behind the scenes in the industry wanted to turn this trick out and get they rocks off before they through her out there to the wolves. So I guess that everybody that had a role in helping her career got what they need from this trick and now here she is...
LMAO!!! Cause she look and act like she just got done getting a train ran on her before this video...
Real NIggas know a fucking freak ass trick when we see one..And her vibe and aura is screaming it.

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