New Ish! Juelz Santana's "Dipset Anthem" Remake!




Not to take away from the Dipset crew, as Juelz's "Dipset (Santana's Town)" was one of the hottest joints in NYC for the summer 2003. And you may say "WTF" while watching this video. But there's an underlying meaning in this.

What's strange about this video is not the suburban kids. It's the fact that these are suburban kids who know the truth behind the music they buy. Wow. I thought all suburban kids thought 50 Cent was a real gangsta. Which means they probably know that Lil Wayne is a fake as well. Isn't that some good Tuesday morning enlightenment.

The point of posting this parody? ... This is the way these Dipset dudes are in real life. Which makes you "SMH" instead of "LOL."

5 stars.


Run that back: Juelz "Dipset (Santana's Town)." Not filmed in "Santana's town," by the way.

Cam'ron and that corny pink. Not a good look. 



Ayo Clo-Fresh You Cop That Crime Pays?

that song is not called dipset anthem you moron. dipset anthem is a different song by all the diplomats. are you even from new york?

mannnn, u just had to find a way to diss 50...i swear that 50's haters ride is d*** more than the stans...and as far as im concerned YOU ARE THE BIGGEST 50 D*** RIDER OF THEM ALL!!!! plz go find a life...its probably on the barrel side of a gun

cosign C4
WTF is clo-fresh and his little butt buddy hiphppisdead
Just text you man we don't need to see. Y'all two between line fag talk

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