Jadakiss & Lil Wayne Hop on Deck with Busta Rhymes in New Video




Damn. What a wack news morning.

I guess, since it debuted on "106 & Park" that Busta's joint "Respect my Conglomerate" is supposed to be the first official single from Back On My B.S.

Not sure of how this is going to end up for Busta. That "Arab Money" thing came and went. After three or four or five remixes. And the joint with T-Painintheass was already played out the day the trailer for the video dropped, because T-Pain collaborations are maxed out to the tenth degree. Not only that, but the song was mediocre at best, the video monotonous...

The only reason I'm posting this joint is to make sure I show REAL NYC talent some support. Not feeling the song. Busta's time is pretty much exhausted. He seemed to have completely lost his touch after the flop of The Big Bang.


Idk what to say Bus actually had (Throw it up, Real Lyricists, Got Bass, Conglomerate, Arab Money, Hustlers Amthem) not great but decent tracks and no one seems to care, even those that preach about supporting "real" artists...and how they gonna take Jeezy off the track in order to try to eat off Wayne...not a fan of that move Bust but yeah no one is checking for Busta at ALL. Kinda sad too...

WTF!!!! This track is lame. Busta has truly lost his touch. Wayne & Jada save this song from being a total disaster.

busta aint lost nothing, i aint even listen to the song yet but do ya'll remember 'we made it'? that was the hardest song & he wouldve went plat off that. blame the loosers that want to hear the same wack songs like plies & soulja boy & everybody else with no real content... BRING LYRICS BACK

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