(Hood) Politics as Usual: Dead Prez to DJ Green Lantern, "F*ck the U.S government!"




There's nothing new about Dead Prez's take on the shady U.S government, so the blog title should come as no shock. But M-1 got a little more specific with his latest "f*ck the president" routine.

And I sharply disagree with Dead Prez and their Marcus Garvey views and BLACK POWER! antics. In fact I think it sounds stupid, when a lot of Africans don't like black Americans anyway... and vice versa. But a lot of what Dead Prez says is true. Which is one reason why I'm neither democrat, republican, independent-- you can say I take no part in American politics. Ever.

Stic.man was M.IA. M-1 was quite vocal:

"You know what I think some bullsh*t, that President Barack promised the Armenians that he was gonna give them their day of genocide [recognition] just a couple of days ago. To recognize that Turkey had murdered a million and a half Armenians and called it genocide. And it woulda been a great day really. Because if we could connect that massacre to genocide, then we can connect a whole lot of other things to genocide too. But you know what Barack Obama did? He took it back. And he didn't give the Armenians their day of genocide [recognition]... so they were out in L.A whilin, protesting. Meaning [Obama] wanted to keep relationships with the people we been payin for years and years. That same ol George Bush bullsh*t. And it's been a lot of the same Bush regime bullsh*t that's been happening. [Obama's] relationship with Israel is part of that. Even health care. We have seen no change in health care. Even with Hillary Rodham Clinton who wants to socialize health care. We still living in the dungeon with that.

"Fruck the government. F*ck the f*ckin US government all the way. F*cking imperialism, capitalism which is born off of slavery and still exists today and aint nobody saying nothing about it. F*ck the f*ckin US government. Who holds the most political prisons in this country than anywhere in the world."

Maybe not the most articulate and intelligent way to express these ideas. But the point is well taken. The point of everything M-1 was saying is that Obama backed down with his promises to the Armenians because he didn't want to step on the toes of those behind the scenes. Reading between the lines, "those people behind the scenes" are a part of some kind of organized power of evil-- Bush's peoples. But if Obama is who he says he is, then why would he care about "them"? Apparently Obama cared enough to back down. And this, suggests M-1, is just one reason why Obama is not who a lot of people think he is.

I'm here nor there. But I will say that it's only been just over "100 days" of Obama being in office. It's entirely too early to judge one way or another. We won't really know who he is or what he can "change" until it's been at least two years-- with all the damage that's been done it might take longer to see any sign of positive results. Or no results.

But then again, it took a lot of these Bush loyalists eight whole years to figure out who their President really was, now didn't it? Half of those (former) Bush loyalists are currently out of work and stuck in a state where they can't even get unemployment. Go figure.


This aint nothing new...Reckless, now you wanna get deep..Man, let me put y'all onto some game..
Please access the link provided and study up on the 13 bloodlines... Remeber a lil while ago on CNN they were trying to say how Barack, Bush, Cheney, Tiger Woods, & Brad Pitt are all somehow related..As comical as it sounded, they brought up very good points and research of their family tree's which did prove that they all were somewhat related even though distant from each other...
Read up, It's get real deep....




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