And You Don't Stop: Jaz-O Takes Over Jim Jones Stan Status


 There's a new stan in town.


But then, I almost feel bad for all the bad sh*t I said about Jaz-O. The broke bum is just trying to get a bite to eat. And the only hope he has to make that happen is Jay-Z.

"I got a few joints here and there, taking shots at your boy, [Jay-Z]," Jaz explained in an interview with Vlad TV. "But you know, that's hip-hop. I ain't taking it no where further than that, I ain't taking the guns out or none of that sh*t. I try to keep people from calling it a beef, it's not really a beef. I'm not really paying much attention to dude, first of all."

What should have been said was "He's not really paying much attention to me, first of all." Because Jay-Z has not entertained this dude, after all these months of Jaz's failed efforts in taking over De-Haven's full-time fellatio gig.

"Secondly, it's not a violent thing," Jaz continued. "So you know, I gotta make my move, I gotta extend my platform...The sh*t is kinda personal, but I keep it where it's supposed to be for the industry and the business..."

"For the industry and the business"? N*gga, your name hasn't been relevant in the "industry and the business" since last century. Get the memo: In the age of iPods, you're a SONY walkman: a dusty throwback.

"I'm not really hearing responses and like I said," Jaz pressed on, "I'm not being on the violent sh*t...I can only go in on facts, sh*t that's real. N*ggas ain't built a certain way but they make the world think that they are."

You're not hearing responses because you're irrelevant, broke, washed-up, and old.

Still talking about Hov's street cred, but it sounds to me like someone is frustrated because they can't afford to get out of the broke-down streets of Brooklyn. Even gentrification can't push this lint-pocket clown out the hood. And that's sad. Because gentrification has easily displaced even the residents previously labeled "impossible to get rid of." SMH.

So, back in March, Jaz-O got a few of his peoples to co-sign the "We hate Hov" campaign. So expect another one of these interviews to appear in another 2 months or so.


Yo Reckless, no disrespect, but I think that you might not understand what a "Stan" is. A Stan is a fan who obsesses about a particular famous person, but in a positive way. They don't attack the famous person they love, they just kill their pregnant girlfriends and themselves, that is, if you are literally referring to the Eminem Stan. Your Stan seems to be a person who you think secretly likes the person that they are bashing, which is different from the actual Stan.

Just thought I'd clear it all up for you.

Is this guy SOHH Gyant's father?

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