Sounds like Red Cafe is Heating up for Summer '09 with "Hottest in the Hood"




In further Hot 97 news, DJ Envy's right-hand Red Cafe looks like he may have a potential hit under his belt.

If Red Cafe is no longer on Interscope, as mentioned by Funkmaster Flex in today's earlier blog post, then what label is Red Cafe heading to now? Hasn't he been on just about every label possible?

In any event, Envy is "teasing the internet" with a snippet of each verse from Jadakiss, Juelz Santana, OJ da Juiceman, Lloyd Banks, Busta Rhymes, and Rick Ross, as appearing  on Red Cafe's "Hottest in the Hood" remix. Sounds crazy. And according to Envy, that's not all of them. Let me find out this is another "One Blood" remix featuring-- the entire industry. But that's what it is. Big up to Red Cafe.


That track is hot as hell. Haven't heard the remix yet, but damn sure want too. And let me find out he got The Juiceman on there too. That's waz up. Say what you want, but Juiceman is the next big thing...His last album "Otha Side of the Trap" is fiyah. Out of 15 tracks, only 3 songs are lame.

WTF!! LMAO @ Busta for saying "Who the hell hotter than me"!?!?!? I can currently name bout 5-7 rappers before I get to you...And you lucky that today's rappers suck..Busta has lost his swag in my opinion..And how in the hell you put a certified CO on the "hottest nigga in the hood" track????

What's funny is you know Banks had no idea Ross was gonna be on it. I get the feeling someone's verse is coming off.

heard there r 2 if not 3 different remixes with alot of artists involved

@ Clo-fresh

exactly, Bus is just not the same anymore.

@ DP Greenspan

I was just sittin here pondering over who lloyd banks has "beef" with, that's on this remix. Little did I realize it's officer rick himself, I wonder how 50 is gonna react to this.

@ DP Greenspan- gonna be 3 different remixes and 50 "may be on one of them" from what they say

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Loso just did his verse on there too. It's gonna be crazy!

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