Rap Quotables: J-Hood Does it Again





Speaking of the little nuisance that I'm sure Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch are glad they got rid of, he popped up in SOHH news today.

Apparently, Royce Da 5'9 just recently responded to something that J-Hood said about him earlier this month. So I scroll down in the article, and this is what Hoodie said:

"Out with the old, in with the new. Talking greasy about your boy man, Joe Buddens and that Royce Da 5'6 n*gga on stage at S.O.B.'s performing that wack ass sh*t...You feel a way about what I'm saying at you, get at me. I hit you on MySpace, I told you you was p*ssy and you wanna get at me directly, you wrote me back with the paragraph...get the f*ck outta here before I slap your whole f*cking head off."

"I hit you on Myspace"...

Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! You can't be serious!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gawd!!!!!!!!!!


That's what we call "Classic Material"

LMAO...that picture of J-Hood looks like Dave Chapelle when he did that black-white supremacist character...lmao...it took makeup for dave to look that way...and son right here looks like that naturally...damn dawgz!...lol/

CLEIGHTON BIGSBY...that's his name...LOL!!!..."i am in no way shape or form involved in any ni**erdumm, OK?!"...hahahahahahaha

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You is late Reckless. That video has been on for a while now.

I don't listen to J-hood much... that being said, this article sucks. the author belittles j-hood for using myspace when royce clearly used it as well? im not even following this beef but from the info you gave me, you expect me to believe that:
1) using myspace is corny
2) only j-hood used myspace in that conversation

when in fact, the quote you provided shows royce used the social network to continue to belittle j-hood.

if anything is funny, its how j-hood got sonned, not the fact that he's using myspace.

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