Jadakiss Plays the Blame Name Game -- Agree or Disagree?




I think this is something that has been said over and over again. But for the sake of reminding those who seemed to have forgotten, allow me to reiterate: New York City is responsible for its downfall.

"New York took a hit when everybody started getting money," Jadakiss said in an interview with Hip-Hop Game. "Everybody was doing alright in record sales. Everybody had some success but then the ego started playing a part. From then, nobody wanted to do songs with each other. N*ggas were on some, 'I'm not f*cking with that n*gga. I'm not doing that!' That hurt everybody in a whole and everybody stopped dropping albums."

No, it wasn't the digital era. No, it isn't the digital era. Every time a rapper comes out and flops, columnists/bloggers holler "SALES ARE DECLINING DUE TO DOWNLOADING!" when, in fact, if Kanye can do it, and if T.I can do it, and if Jadakiss can do it, then what's the excuse? There is none. In fact, these rappers themselves are the ones to blame.

I'm not saying the digital downfall isn't an issue. It most definitely is. But dudes need to stop using the PC and handheld gadgets as a scapegoat. The dominating factors here are lack of ability to make good music, rappers like Joe Budden running out of swag and resorting to pimping his girl -- online -- (smh), New Yorkers not supporting their home town, and people like 50 Cent, who did a damn good job at promoting "beef before release," making n*ggas mad at each other, and all that other "Gossip Girl" sh*t. And also, we have Mr. Jackson to thank for the "First Week Sales" trauma that has basically killed the labels' willingness to work with an non-ringtone artist who doesn't push more than 100K in the opening week.

Now, speaking on the industry as a whole, I blame the South. Point, blank, period. You cats can't even listen to Illmatic without a dictionary. Forget reading-- some in the South speak the worst form of English possible (next to England English). You also seem to believe that rappers in the South started rocking "grillz" first. And now, four horrifying years after the South was at its height, your region is STILL putting out the SAME old acts. T.I. Lil Wayne. And um... Soulja Boy, if he counts. **shudder**

Remember that ridiculous "Source" cover reading "Don't Mess With Texas"? Yeah. That nonsense was exactly three dreadful years ago (sorry, Riz). Every last one of those rappers, including Chamillionaire, UGK, Slim Thug, Lil Flip, Mike Jones ... GONE. A few are still trying to keep their heads above water. But are still nonviable. Null. Void. Nada. Nothing. Which is how I prefer it.

I know this column didn't start out talking about the South. But f*ck it. I started it. I'm going to finish. The South sucks. You sabotaged the house that Herc built. But unlike Ruth's house, hip-hop won't get the funding for a new stadium. Thanks.

So, in conclusion, yes I agree with Kiss. But to me it's more than n*ggas acting like a bunch of girls.   


Disagree. It's the digital era homie. You can download any album right from your iphone or smart phone. Or any movie or tv show for that matter. And its all free. The whole game is gonna have to change the way music is distributed. All these kids steal music. Until they can stop it their fucked.

Man...the south is poppin. Quit hatin Bitch.

For the sales....Any artist has to touch his fans.....songs that are promoted to the cluibs....get spins in clubs.....but that dont touch the fan. That dnot let me know WHO U R as an artist.

Thats Y jada....Jay Z....etc....(artists who have established fan bases) have no problem selling. Ice Cube can move 300 k in this climate INDEPENDENT!! So its about touching the fan....

We be sayin the same ish about the South's illiteracy and how they killed hip hop. If you read blogs you'll always see some dudes from the South talkin crazy and they clown NY cats for being smart and using "big" words. South killed hip hop period. And if you disagree i ain't talkin about Scarface, UGK, Outkast. I'm talking PLIES, D4L, Dem Franchise Boys, Shawty Lo, Shawty Red, Young Everybody, Rick Ross, Swag Team, pretty much everyone from Texas, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Lil Flip. I mean, the list goes on and on. Just trash.

Damn, tell em why you mad son.

As far back as i can remember I use to always like hiphop for the type of rappers they had but after a while they got kinda old. I dig the the south more because it's fresher and I actually relate to everything they say. It's really a big difference so if ya north niggas can't live with it then oh well. it's too bad cuz down here life goes on

I think the fans killed hip-hop. If the fans wasn't buying that BS then the artist you all named as the "hip-hop killers" would have a market place. As the fans got dumber so did the music.

I agree with Jada that CD is great, the joint with Lutha....WOW!
DAMN what has the south as a whole done to you! im from Miami was in junior high or high school and bought Snoop, Nas,Biggie. Public enemy was my first cassette yeah i had EPMD on vinyl elementary school. i dont need a dictionary to understand anybodys language. i dont like wayne, boosie is illiterate, soulja boy made me get my tubes tied! Ross is a fake. TI is Global, so is jeezy. Trick is the King alonside Scarface. I never bought any ringtone artist CD, 50 fell off after his first CD thank goodness hes a great business man.NY rappers are cocky mainly the ones with no talent and ghosewriters.....rappers are trash from all corners or the earth. illiteracy has nothing to do with nothing. there are great artists from the north and south who dont sell millions of records but will always remain relevant based solely on talent. GTFOH. i use to love this site before this post.

New York's failure is purely on the facts that we suffer from an Identity crisis which is amazing for the most creative force in hip hop history. When the west took over we adjusted our style and blew dudes out the box. We haven't done that yet. I also think there's a severe lack of talent. there's some dudes that can rap but they can't make hits. Think about all the future stars that got deals but never put out a major label album. We're kind of stuck like the NBA was when the Jordan Era ended. Until we get our Kobe, LeBron, and D-Wade isht ain't gonna change.

I mean, yeah, the south puts out a lot of artists with B.S. songs but, they have some that go hard (TI, ludacris, etc). but, its a handfull of people that go hard. But, the majority are doing dance songs, which is cool to an extent but, when you got cats spitting with nice beats also, what about that? U got cats from the south getting deals who dont even RAP! what the hell!? they do a dance & get on. The one true thing is, they work together. NYC doesnt really work together. Chicago doesnt. Hell, its hating going on in Cali. The reason the south is on top is because they work together. yeah, its mad garabage coming out there but, they work together. you telling me mike jones is better than ME?!?!? get the hell outta here! its all politics! and this is a political game!


If downloading was destroying the music industry, Nielsen Soundscan would no longer exist. None the less, niggas wouldn't go platinum EVER. Period. Don't blame techonology. It balances out. If it weren't for the internet, promtoion and publicity wouldn't travel as fast. It evens out. All you can blame is your talent, because someone out there is bound to feel you if your nice. i.e. All these indie rappers is selling records with minimal publicity -- Atmosphere, Murs, etc. If Kanye can go platinum easily with an album that everyone loved to hate, then the internet isn't an issue. Reckless, I see you big guy; keep doin you!

I agree with jadakiss.

okay. here it is. i sorta agree with the idea of the south. there are a few southern rappers that are witty and diverse. T.I., Outkast(especially 3000), luda, and a small handful of others. but yes, the south did CONTRIBUTE to hip hops demise. however, they are not the sole purpose of why hip hop sucks today. they simply supplied a demand. a demand made by consumers. skirts and heels buy cds. and they are buying cds that make them dance. REGARDLESS OF THE LYRICAL CONTENT OR HOW DUMBED DOWN THE MUSIC IS. so the south played into that and supplied some sorry ass music with some FAIRLY hot beats and made money. you make a dumb ass song that speaks sex, up in the club, make it rain, and how much of a boss you are, put it to some beat with bass and you gonna either sell and/or get some ringtones. easy money even if you have no musical/lyrical talent. easiest way to eat is to supply what others are willing to buy. if people buy(demand) songs that talk dumbness, then yeah its gonna be supplied, causing hip hops downfall. and you can't fully blame the south, because niggas in new york are following suit. they imitating the south. point. blank. period. hip hop is changing. and unfortunately, its for the worse. the only way hip hop will go back to its roots, are for the consumers to wise up and stop buying bullshit with no substance. overall, yeah the south sucks. BADLY. but, (and i love new york) so does new york. wonder how many agree with this?

btw. just so no one gets confused. there is nothing wrong with making dance music in hip hop. dancing was a part of hip hop ever since the poppin and breakdancing to the grinding. however, there is an issue with the music of today having no substance outside of going to the club, pulling girls, money money money, jewlery, and alcohol. all put together with rhymes and the rhyme scheme of a 5 year old. damn...i'm clearly in the wrong business. i'm bout to do hip hop music. look out for me in your nearest club. new single: "getting that gwap in the club" coming soon off my album: "write the check with the diamonds on my neck." smh.

sounds like a fucking excuse but then again New York niggaz always have excuses! ITS THE SOUTH AINT NOTHING ABOVE IT AND THATS WHY WE LOVE IT!

You can't blame the South for all of hip-hop's problems. It's like having a terminal illness and saying that one part of the body is why the whole body isn't working. Hip-hop is a tool that can be used to empower, mobilize, and motivate.

Little Brother is from the South (NC) and people don't give them enough credit. OutKast has been making quality hip-hop for over a decade.

The antics are getting more publicity than the music itself.....at the end of the day it's about hits and making sure the public's ear is in tune with what is coming out.

I reside in SC and I am about to come out with an album in about a year or two but my sound, lyrics, and flows aren't representative of the region I live in. I listen to NaS (illmatic is one of my all-time favorites and I understand the lyrics and the flow), Jay-Z (reasonable doubt motivates me to get my record label off the ground), ATCQ (grown-man real organic hip-hop), Rakim (easily one of the G.O.A.T.s), and so forth.

There's more rappers worried about beefs and so-called swag than putting out the type of music/albums that can be considered 'classic'.

Too many rappers saying the same thing, renting homes and cars for music videos, and just trying to floss off the next trend instead of being real.

yo i stay in new york and i'm from ny, please stop with all this the south killed hip hop. thats they slang you cant knock they slang we dont speak perfecat english too. and you buggin wit ugk them niggas is always hot. and also they got jeezy,luda and piles that always come out. stop hating and get money!

The reason New York rappers arent selling is because most of them are homosexual. From LL to JIm Jones to 50 cents. All are flopping and all have had homosexual accusations. Look at Mase...caught hollarin' at trannys. 50 cents...known homo. Jim...wearing nut huggers. Mims...self explanatory. The rappers in the south are better lyricist by far: Trae the truth, La Chat, Pimp C. The list goes on and on. New York needs rappers they identify with. There best sellers recenty are lil mama, the chicken noodle soup bitch and mims. NY wants girlie or homo rappers they can dance too. When NY stops dancing, maybe they can sell a record.

And thats the Truth.

It's time for you guys to quit crying about who is or is'nt on top.The truth is hip-hop is always changing.New york started this rap stuff.The world listened to what they had to say and we wanted something different.Next up was the west coast.The west coast showed us what the gangsta life style was all about.We learned and wanted something different and moved on.Now the south is doing their thing.They are tellin us how things are down there.Everybody who is sitting around waiting on there coast to be on top again can forget it.After the south is done it is going to be every man for himself.What ever coast you are on,if you want to get on top again,show us something we havent already seen before.

i neva usually comment but readin truther's comment all i can say is LMAO

for real smh at the south havin better lyricists (nas, jada, jay-z do i really have to continue?)

I think we can all agree that the South's reign is over with and hip hop is officially dead. No region on top (even though the South is like 30 states, so they should be on top, obviously).

Problem with NY rappers is they had to dumb down their lyrics in order to cater to the South. That's why you got non-lyricists coming out now from NY (Maino, Mims) and the dudes that spit crack can't get on (Joell Ortiz, Peeg, Jae Millz)

South the downfall...really. Outkast - nuff said.

What yall know about Peeg?

Why all the damn H-Town Hate...... Jada barely beat out UGK on sales...

i think we all can agree that the south has talent (ti, jeezy, luda, outkast, little brother, b.o.b., ugk, scarface) there no doubting that but when you think about whose puttin out the most bullsh*t its the south without a doubt everyday it a knew dance song or another wack rapper with a hot beat and no lyrical ability talkin about how much money they got or their "swag" (completely played out word by the way)

and like i said b4 you cant dispute that new york has the better lyricists (nas, jada, jay-z, fab, joell ortiz, stack bundles (dont sleep), styles p, az) and thats not even gettin into all the 90's and 80's dudes

o yea and by the way do ne of u realize that the south is a whole region of about 10 states and new york is one? name one state in the south that can hold a candle to ny
nothin? once again not tryin to hate i acknowledge the souths talent but u south niggas gotta recognize too

I came over at the request of the homie Clo-fresh to speak on this blog. While I agree with the majority of what Reckless said, I disagee with some of it as well. I don't think the south killed Hip hop. I think wack niggas have killed Hip Hop. I think catering (as i sadi lasy week) to whites only as if they were Emceeing in the F*ckin 1950's is what killed Hip Hop.

The south is too small to kill it. It was dying when it hit the south. Alot of it died when Pac and Big died. That is my take on it!

Will recognize when you niggas properly acknowledge your pink and purple blood gangs, the chicken noodle soup and all the garbage ass niggas ya'll say are lyrical (Mobb Deep, Nore, Dipset, Mims, Fat Joe, Memphis Bleek and the list goes on) admit these niggas are garbage and i'll chill

Your head is so far up your ass that you haven't even noticed that the SOUTH IS THE ONLY REGION (besides specific people like Kanye and Jay-Z) THAT IS STILL SELLING RECORDS. So you can SAY that they killed hip hop, but in reality, THE SOUTH KILLED THE NORTH MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem is new york niggaz always wanna say they have better lyricist and yall keep sayin all these rappers thats in they damn 30s niggaz that done been out since the early 90s yall dont have no young talent....i like rap music from east coast west coast but niggaz in the east da only ones hatin....southern artist cater to they fans and some of them will be quick to tell you that they dont giva damn bout the east coast, cause when the south was tryin to get on for the longest the east was laugin at us and the west was helpin us...if the south say the same stuff so does the east we just do it better than yall...lyke Pimp said Quit Hatin The South Biatch!!

i like 50 cent better

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The Truth:
I Have Porn Stories to! u wanna bring back the good ole days!

lets be straight.. its not really the south fault, and its now digital.. We have 10 MILLION RAPPERS.. and 5 MILLION FANS.. how can something survive when there is more supply than demand?

First off, yall need to stop blaming the artists when its the labels fault!! Hear me out, the labels are the ones flooding and oversaturating the market with the same sounding club bangers and songs for females. its the only formula and its not working anymore. BUT they dont see that! the public is so damn annoyed. How many songs can I hear about a girl and her thighs and lips. Every song caters to a female and they all sound the same.!! And sorry but club songs is not the only way to get your name out there. Remember when "the way i am" by eminem and "money power respect" by the lox were hit singles? they didnt have to talk about catering to a female or poppin bottles to sell. Its all the labels fault on who they sign and what they promote point blank period!! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that uniqueness sells!!! When theres too much of one thing everyone gets tired! example.. T-pain!, he came out and tried that auto-tune sound and everyone was feelin it! Now everyone uses it and it makes me fuckin sick. BLAME THE LABELS AND WHAT THEY PROMOTE. NOT THE ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, first off ...you cannot stop technology. EVER.. downloading is the wave of the future. There are always going to be people that are smart enough to get around the system. Thanx to hackers. It's no different than, when we had tapes, and you lent you boy the tape so he can make a copy. It's just that now, you're lending it to 10,000 people at one time. So it's much faster. So the industry is going to have to adapt, they're still stuck in the old days, and society is moving too fast for them to catcth up. As far as the south, the reason they make the music they make is because they work with anyone, as long as they make money and music that is fun to them.. Up in northern states, we're too picky who we make music with because of status.... that KILLS US!! Just look at how many songs a Southern rapper makes in relation to a Northern rapper... definitely a lot more,, which means, he's gonna have more features with other artist and make more money.... PERIOD.

FANS BUY THE ALBUMS...NOT THE RAPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!! NYC can't sell records...but T.I. and Lil' Wayne can go gold and platinum in a week, and dats da souf fault??
Its 8 MILLION fuckin people in New york City, and ya'll can get 500,000 people to buy ya album, and dats da souf fault?? Why can't niggaz make a hit record?? n shut da hell up. Dat 80's and 90's rap is played, i wanna hear lyrics, a catchy hook, and a hot beat. (DMX, Jay-z, Cassidy, 50, Fab, Pun, etc) was able to do it. Notice dat dey wasnt tryna be hard on every song, and not change up dey swag. Its NYC's fault NYC cant sell.

FANS BUY THE ALBUMS...NOT THE RAPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!! NYC can't sell records...but T.I. and Lil' Wayne can go gold and platinum in a week, and dats da souf fault??
Its 8 MILLION fuckin people in New york City, and ya'll can get 500,000 people to buy ya album, and dats da souf fault?? Why can't niggaz make a hit record?? n shut da hell up. Dat 80's and 90's rap is played, i wanna hear lyrics, a catchy hook, and a hot beat. (DMX, Jay-z, Cassidy, 50, Fab, Pun, etc) was able to do it. Notice dat dey wasnt tryna be hard on every song, and not change up dey swag. Its NYC's fault NYC cant sell.

J.V. its me B, Sleez

stop blaming the south cuz new york rappers suck..

stop livin in the past, the game aint about how many records u sell anymore.. it's all about ringtones, thats where the bread is at. ya'll runnin round like a buncha bitches mad as hell cuz ya'll cant make a God damn ringtone to save your lives...

Didnt Jigga say it best a few years ago... "the game's fucked up your beats is bangin, your hook did it, your lyrics didn't, your gangster look did it, so i would write it if you could get it..."

Top Ten who put out an album withen the year:

Young Jeezy
Pimp C
Bun B
Lil Wayne - still homo
Kanye - still homo
Trae the Truth
Yung Joc

Now what does this tell you.

New York...get your panties out your stankin @ss. It's so typical for losers to look to place blame. Blame your lame @ss drive or lack of creativity. Kill yourself New York and take Herc with you...

i hear a lot of southern cats talkin like tha south got lyricists.. i have no comment to that..
Also its funny how tha south stay mad at new york and were suppose to be hurtin on tha rap game rite now.. were talkin about over 10 diff states mad at 1... hahaha i call my nigga son cuz he shine like one

You dudes act like only Hip Hop is hurting. U2's album got leaked like 3 months early. It was so bad they had to release on Itunes and sell It for 3.99 just to get sales. 130k for Jada is not good on a major. I don't know anyone who actually buys albums anymore. Have any of you even heard of Bittorrent? All album sales are down. All of them. You will have the occasional album that bucks the trend but as downloading gets bigger its gonna get worse. Anyone following the Pirate Bay Case?

Google Dtunes for the Iphone and see what it allows you to do. It allows you to download any movie, tv show or album you want for free. When you have that kind of access on your hip it's a problem.

This is an uninformed and untenable position. To assume that all Southerners don't have the intelligence to understand Illmatic is asinine and shows the lack of depth and thought the writer put into this blog. South has a long history of working together prior to Hip Hop being a force (Civil Rights Movement, etc.) All of the institutions for higher learning that are historically Black or in the South. To assume we are intelligently inferior is a deeper example of the far reaching problems we have amongst Black people. One must admit that trash music is coming from every region. There has been some GARBAGE out of NYC lately (Jim Jones, Cameron, Joe Budden). There has been some GARBAGE out of the West (pick an artist) and some GARBAGE from the South (soldier boy irks me to no end). Southern artist tend to be on imprint labels owned by Southerner who own their publishing, production rights and often times their masters. It seems that the author of this blog needs to retrace his step before he rights such fodder. The South has kept this wack game afloat.

wow alot of comments i wonder why? i guess recc is going gimmic style by saying fucc the styles just so equals can comment, damn some folks want that attention reminds me of a bitch yell


And to the radio stations, I'm tired o' being patient
Stop bein' rapper racists, region haters
Spectators, dictators, behind door dick takers
It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us
I want to throw up like chips in Vegas
But this is Southern face it
If we too simple then y'all don't get the basics



You know its funny how new york don't have the shine and they wanna start playing we blame it on the south. We showed love when yall had it, yea we got T.I, Weezy and you say soulja boy, But who do yall have that everybody listen to the same acts Jay-z, nas. 3 million sold everyone listen to wayne. Our rappers rap about the south so we understand that, of course if you not from where ever you from we not gon unserstand that B, we don't speak how yall speak in ny. East coast go hard when its poppin, 50 cent isn't doin not a damn thing why not blame him? thats yall so called biggest act who can't make good music.

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