Funkmaster Flex Boycotts Interscope Records: "Nothin is spinnin.'"




First and foremost, Interscope artists aren't doing sh*t anyways. But according to  Funk Dick Rider Master Flex, Hot 97 is boycotting any music coming from Interscope. Which means Eminem gets no airplay. Dr. Dre gets no airplay-- if he ever drops his album.

"Understand it, Interscope Records, nothin is spinnin." Says Flex.

Great. This means no more Soulja Boy.

"Nino [Nello], you got 24 hours to fix yourself!" says Flex. "Or this goes some place else tomorrow!"

That was last night. Apparently, there's a head at Interscope who makes some heavy decisions, and this dude Nino has rubbed off on not only Flex wrong, but some others at Hot 97 as well. Because according to Flex, there are "people who control the music business. And they control certain artists that they do not want you to see. But they want the pop stations to have. That's where I come in. I'm the dude they pull out the closet to deal with this."

Listen below:

And Power 105.1 isn't playing any rap music. So whatever Interscope rap artist is in need of airplay better get that "money" right.

Not that I give a damn. I think I listen to the radio once in a blue just to see what they're playing. But then you can just go on the station's website and check the playlist for that. Not surprised at what I saw in the top 20. If that's what Hot calls "rap music," then I guess they're right... it sure isn't hip-hop." I'll make an exception for the mix-show DJs. 

For the sake of money issues, I guarantee all will be well by "4 o'clock" today, before the Summer Jam announcement.  


If real rap is waht you want to hear check out

Is this the same funk flex who's been secretly blowing eminem and 50 for the last 5+ years??? See what happens when the payola runs out. Damn, it's like a ghost town in here...what happened to the same 3 niggas that be in at niggas leaving comments for a living.

@ Common Sense:

LMAO, I was thinking the same You summed that sh*t up perfectly!

I still think that there will be a cold day in hell before flex removes his mouth off of 50's d*ck though.

Yo check it
See I'm back on the block but my name ain't Quincy...
Yeah, I'm chopping rappers up into mincemeat...

aww man
dont do it flex, what iz i's fit'n to listen to now


Time will tell whether or not this is anything more than Flex is doing this for publicity or if something really is going on. But it wouldn't be a bad thing if the whole commercialized Hip-Hop scene imploded. It would take more than Flex alone, but it's a start.

I view the whole thing like the housing market that recently crashed. Too much greed, politics, and strategizing has led to the downfall of the genre and artform. The only way to fix it is to wreck it. If that's what Flex is trying to do, I'm actually for it.

The way that the execs at labels as well as radio stations have been running things is the true reason why Hip-Hop is where it is.

Like some others who have already commented, I am a bit surprised that Flex is roughing it up with Interscope of all people. Not just because of his connection with Dre/50/Em, but because Interscope is still the most viable label going... if not, then who?

am a bit surprised that Flex is roughing it up with Interscope of all people. Not just because of his connection with Dre/50/Em
he sound like he saying this with regret. u heard his gasp when he said the loxs
then when he started counting off yayo and banks.
i think imma go with reckless on this one and say dude prolly aint wanna pay flex and now he mad

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1) Weaken or totally remove the influence of bird-brain execs on the content and style of records. (These idiots make their artists do "Down Souf" records just because that's the recent fad.)

2) Remove the restraints labels have on which producers an artist can/cannot work with, as well as RIAA's regulations on sampling.

3) Crumble the whole money pyramid structure that goes from company partners and radio stations right down to the artist, and everyone in-between. Money and profit figures have been determining the quality of the music, and it has produced the garbage we have now.

4) It all should be much more simple and have a lot less players involved. Mass-media (networks) and outlets (movie/clothes/shoe deals, etc.) have taken away from the quality of the music.

I sound like a broken record for the past year and a half, but it's time for Hip-Hop to go back underground. I'm talking local shows and parties and just enough presence on the radio without all the strings attached from greedy label and radio station execs. We don't need multi-millionaire artists all over the place.

But even as I type this, I know that it's a pipe dream. At least no one is willingly going to go this route, which is why a sabotaging and imploding is actually a good idea... though cynical.

@ Brooklyn B
he sound like he saying this with regret. u heard his gasp when he said the loxs
then when he started counting off yayo and banks.
i think imma go with reckless on this one and say dude prolly aint wanna pay flex and now he mad.

Whattup, B! Yo, long time since we chopped it up on this here blog spot!

Yeah, I noticed that as well. At first I thought he was going to be ranting and dropping F bombs all over the place. He did seem reluctant, especially after big-upping Atlantic Records of all people. He prefaced it by saying "It's unfortunate..."

This better be bigger than some personal grudge (he seems to know the staff by name). Because it would look mad weak for him to say all this, and then have to back-track on this. Ain't nobody (Nino) gonna let a deejay air you out like this!

If it's money, handle it behind the scene and get the other big-wigs involved.

LOL. About the upcoming Em album, Flex said he takes pride in how he's gonna handle it, which is to not play Dre and Em. Say word!?! I just think that it's too much for a deejay to do this. So, if he's going in, then he better know that this is crossing the point of no return.

I think Flex is just feeling himself right now. He'll be singing a new toon in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Seriously...What makes him think that he has leverage against the music business oligarchy at a time when they're cutting hip hop radio?

To add to that, hip hop radio is heavily dependent on and in bed with the record labels.

It's the same thing that's going on with this countries financial system. Our government is in bed with the banksters. The banksters aren't going to seed some power to government until they hit rock bottom.

In order to have change, the people in charge have to either be destroyed or they have to have a change of heart (That's hard to do when you've made so much money doing the same thing).

This dude has lost it. If Hot 97 doesn't play interscope artist records then considering they play the same joints all day as is what does that mean for the listening public. This is why I don't fcuk with the radio as is. I see Flex getting let go before this isht is over.

React... You sound like a Communist lol...

What's up though man, this is the real ATHEIST.


this just might be the beginning of the end of these record labels as we know it. Jimmy Iovine's only concerns @ Interscope R his 3 cash cows: Dre, Em & 50. Everybody els has 2 hole their breath & hope 4 a release date

I put Indie vinyl in Flex's hand back in 97 in front of the station and he played it. He then played "Spread Love" by Take 6 afterwards as he often did when he played someone's records. I offered him a bottle of Cognac but he declined. Now that doesn't mean he's a saint in the business because who is, but people got their shots believe it or not. If someone you know didn't maybe their music was not to his liking.

Flex is part of the machine no doubt but people gotta stop acting like it's a big conspiracy when they don't come correct. I gave the same record to Angie and she put it on the Make it or Break it. Sometimes people just don't like your music so you either keep it moving or go back to the drawing board.

By VinnyL on April 22, 2009 1:45 PM
React... You sound like a Communist lol...
What's up though man, this is the real ATHEIST.

@ "the real ATHEIST"


I sound like a communist??? WTF? Don't you dare try to flip my own games and tactics on me - the originator, no one can do it better!

Good hearing from ya, even if you just trying to kick up a little dust! But what's up with the ever changing ID's and handles? Bigup2bk must be a prophet (I know you like that) because he sniffed you out using aliases long ago.

It's all good... still!

"A Communist"?????

Still laughing at that one!

niggas talkin about Hip Hop is broken and needs to be fixed. FALSE. aint no REAL hip hop artist left anymore. all this bs you hear on the radio is RAP. hip hop and rap are 2 diff kinds of music to me. rap is about money and hoes (most of the time) hip hop is about the struggle, politics, etc. quit using HIP HOP to describe lackluster rap acts and trappers...



Nah, I peeped you and BigUp talkin about my stan, not me. That other guy was not me fam. I haven't been on this site in awhile. I changed my handle because I thought that I was blocked lol.

and ya'll wander whats wrong with the new york rap scene. you got people like flex (who i have know problem with) talking like he bigger then the game.

Is this all hype since Summer Jam sales are low?? HOT 97 stopped selling out Summer Jam; they had to advertise on 98.7 KISS.

Truth is, the culture has gone subterranean and the rap-pop product former artists longed for is now biting them in their asses. EPMD beefed on "Give the People" about rappers not "living comfortably," and now THEY are on the outside looking in.

I met a kid who wants to be a producer - 15 yrs. old. He didn't know who Pete Rock was. He uses Fruity Loops. He thinks skinny jeans and tight pastel shirts are Hip-Hop. Go figure.

The culture is alive and well folks -we're just not part of the mainstream. But then again, was real Hip-Hop EVER part of the mainstream? Young MC era? No. Hammer pants era? No. Vanilla Ice era? No. Souja Boy era? Hell no.

Dig deeper. We're there. Find us.

I usually don't support Funkmaster Flex, and I do suspect this as nothing more than a plea for publicity. But if this is indeed a genuine gesture of Flex's, then I applaud, support, and encourage him in his boycott of Shitterscope Records.

We've taken this mainstream ass-butter for way too long. We've let the executive corporate heads at the radio stations, record labels, and cable music video networks lie to us about what's really popular and force unfavorable music on us for much too long. They are the main reason for the pathetic current state of all music, including and especially hip-hop and urban music. If they don't get the picture (and soon) then it's time for us - the artists and fans, the true authority in music - to take our genre and keep it moving along without the coffers. If they don't do a better job @ catering to our needs, then it's time to show them what they don't wanna see (like Neo from The Matrix said): a world without them.


On another note, Flex had better not back up on his word just because he's offered a little money or I will never take him seriously ever again.


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