Explosive Vid Reveals the Beginning of End For Dame Dash + New Ish From Cam'ron



Damn fam. THIS is the Damon Dash I remember. The arrogant, high-and-mighty, I-run-this-sh*t Damon Dash. Unfortunately, this bit of footage uncovers the truth about how some things really went down.

Now THIS is reality TV. None of that fake editing, scripting, and all those other elements that make up today's washed up reality TV era.

"How you gonna have ANY meetings about Jay without me? Jay's not on Def Jam. Jay-Z's on Roc-A-Fella. Ya'll not better than me. I want somebody to explain this to me I didnt get no calls about nothin. Yall know what we going through with Biggs and all that ya'll gonna f*ck around like this?"

Damn. That was a low blow. So low, he couldn't see that this was the mark of a new day in his career.

Speaking of Dame, here's the latest from Cam'ron, who is definitely going hard for the release of his album Crime Pays, slated for May 4th.

Behind the Scenes of "Curve"



SOHH Fire this clown! Nigga you're a week late!

Dame aside, what a bunch of idiots who work at these labels. This meeting reminds me of a dysfunctional BSU club meeting. These cats do nothing all day but play on their twitter's

DAMN! i remember on backstage when he was cursing the Def Jam dudes out about sending Bleek and them Def Jam jackets and it was strictly a Roc A Fella tour! DAMN Hova! was this after a death in the family? Dead wrong :(

that Curve sh*t is fire...its my new SLANG now...


Obviously, Hov wanted it to go down like that. That's why they were having a meetin bout him w/out you..Plain & Simple. Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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