Descendants of Doug E. Fresh "Night Ride" with Cory Gunz




When I got the memo that original Bronx beat boxer Doug E. Fresh was helping to push a rap group with his sons, I just shook my head. But this video dispels any preconceived thoughts of "corniness."

The trio, Square Off, are three young New York cats-- one can't be older than 22 -- and two of them are the biological sons of old school legend Doug E Fresh. When I first heard about this group the Soulja Boy alarm immediately went off. But I was wrong. In this song, "Night Rider," they added Cory Gunz-- also the son of a Bronx rapper who was popular in the late '90s-- to add a little lyrical dexterity.

"All these wack lyrics and sh*t, I'm quite tired of."

I'm actually surprised. Young dudes trying to do what these older dudes can't? 20-year-olds FINALLY trying to move in and add some freshness to the game?

But if I'm not mistaken, I thought I had Googled Square Off some time ago and had every right to think they were corny. Maybe that was another group who emerged and then slipped through the cracks. Nevertheless, this song displays an example of what we need: younger new faces for the cause.



Damn! Wish I was able to see the video before it got removed.

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