Cam'ron Breaks Down the Science of Jim Jones Fallout




At the end of March, Cam'ron did a public service announcement letting everyone know that they need to stop hoping for a Cam'ron-Dipset project. Thanks to Jim Jones and his high horse attitude. Which got him absolutely NOWHERE-- as you can see via Soundscan. His loss, like I said before.

Cam sat down with Hot 97's Angie Martinez {{listen}} to discuss some things. Amongst those things: how bad Jim Jones f*cked up what could have possibly been a reunion.

"Basically to be honest it's a wrap. Once a problem gets in the public, for me, it can't be fixed.

"The first public joint was Jim called Miss Info talking about a bunch of stuff that I don't even like to repeat. She was kind enough not even to repeat all the foul stuff he was saying. But that was the first thing for me. Going on stage with 50 when me and him was in the middle of a heated battle. That was another thing for me. Recently about maybe a month ago I call Zeek's phone, I speak to Jim. I say 'cool maybe we can work some stuff out.' I was really at the point that maybe we can work some stuff out. Maybe 3 minutes before I did an MTV interview. I said 'yo me and Jim just spoke on the phone.' He gets on the TV or the radio or whatever and be like 'no me and Cam didn't speak. We didn't speak. I don't know what he's talkin about.' So three days after that he says he did speak to me on the phone.

"My whole thing is, like I said we had a bunch of problems. But once it gets public it's not no fixing everything, feel what I'm sayin? Go on stage with 50 right when we in the middle of a heated beef or battle or whatever you wanna call it. You lettin the public know somethin, that there's a problem. I couldn't have gotten Tony Yayo or Lloyd Banks to do nothin like that."

What it comes down to is Jimmy letting his head get too big. This dude is a cornball. The confidence level surpassed his capacity, and in the end, he f*cked himself. Especially since Cam tried to reach out and he tried to act hollywood like he was too good for the n*gga.

Remember "CURRTIS!!! CUUUUURRRTIS! How much did Mobb Deep sell Curtis!!!" ... THAT's the 50 Cent rap beef Cam is referring to. Almost forgot? Yeah. Me, too. Check the throwback blog post {here}. Pure comedy. Feb of '07. Time goes by DUMB quick.

Speaking of throwbacks, Dukedagod once had a thing or two to say about Jim Jones playing pool with 50 Cent on BET's "Rap City" back in October of '07:

"How I felt about that?...You know why [Jim Jones] did what he did? To take advantage of the moment. The way I feel about it, in a quick second Jim will flip on 50 Cent. Jim don't got no real love for 50 like that. So I mean that's how I see it."

"It's two brothers you know, who need to get on the same page that's all. Jim is Dipset, Cam is Dipset, it's Dipset forever you know what I mean? I mean they just need to get on the same page that's all."

Also see "Cam'ron and Jim Jones go their Separate Ways" -- dated back to May of '07. A clear indication that this is an on-going thing. And will continue to be on-going.


its a wrap until hot 97 summer jam how much amount of money they "come out together @ hot 97 summer jam"

Correction...all them niggas is cornballs for making people believe Harlem had a set of Pink, Turquoise and light purple bloods. Souljah Boy will never be as bad as a bunch of niggas trying to mean mug rocking pink jeans, fitteds, doo rags, timbs, and jewels.

LOL@^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Trey you aint neva lied my nigga!

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