Raekwon and Shaolin aka Staten Island ... Go Hard




I should have ended that blog title with a question mark. Not so sure about Staten these days.

Last year, Staten's AC was goin in. That "Attack of the Blogs" idea was clever. He established major buzz with major blogs like Nahright, Therapup (shout out to Rizoh), 2DopeBoys, and so on and so forth, going about it in a way that no one had ever done. But a little while later, some time after "New Soul" dropped, AC began to fluctuate between MIA and out-of-the-blue email blasts. Wha happen, fam?

That's actually the same thing I'd like to ask Raekwon, who did a revision of Jay-Z's "Brooklyn Go Hard," using a chick named Brevi on the hook.

I don't even know why Rae continues to show us how inconsistent he is. There will probably never be an Only Built for Cuban Linx II. At this point, who cares.

In any event, check out the joint:

-------> Raekwon "Staten Go Hard"

These highly skilled rappers-- who are supposed to be holding the torch-- are nothing but opportunists. Wait for a hot joint to come out... and remake it. Wait for someone else to drop yet another hot joint... then remake it. Etc, etc. 

This trend has doubled, even tripled, in existence. Stop biting and make your own music.

But that's the thing. They can't. Which is why I refuse to listen to the radio.

Step your rap game up! F*ck is goin on? It can't be that difficult.  


The song was not that bad & for the record many rappers wait for a hit then jump on it with their own verse. Even your beloved Jay Z.

NYC MC's need to go holla at "Easy Mo Bee", QUICK & BAD!!!!

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