DMX: The Religious Crackhead


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High or not, DMX never fails to entertain. And this video is no exception.

You can hear from his debut album how much of a believer in God this guy is. What you can't hear, however, is his blatant crackhead ways.

Look at the two sentences above. Does that make any sense? The two don't mix. And neither does the weirdness I'm getting from X's aura in this interview.

So you say you'll be doing music, movies, and speaking to people, huh. Gospel album, preaching, baptising people. And then comes the relapse. Kind of like Mase. Except with a crack pipe. Or whatver tools he uses to do what he does best.

Where the hell is Mase anyways? That f*cking embarrassment to Harlem.

Oh. Here he is. On Myspace, of course. Harlem World bad boy to Pastor Mason Betha. Would you look at that.

 A little early Sunday morning church for that ass:


Boy oh boy. The most recent video, posted just last month, had embedding disabled. But this one is just as hilarious.

As crazy as the Dog man can be, I can't picture him pulling one of these moves. Mase is a sad individual. How you gonna let Biggie's death get you so shook that you run to religion to save you, then LEAVE religion to come back to rap. And then abandon rap once again to go back to church? Every last one of those people in that sanctuary are a bunch of idiots. And anyone that will listen to DMX about how to live their life must be crackheads themselves.

But to each his own.   


it's not the man, it's the message and the Faith. you can look the part and be jim jones (guyana).

for those who have similar lives, he could help. however, hopes he takes time to build the foundation and don't rush his strengthening.

Lord bless dmx.

its funny how we sometimes talk down about what others are doing and not keeping in mind that god said all sins are counted the same so no one is better than another so to talk down on what DMX may be doing or what MASE may be doing its about what it is your doing to correct yourself the more you look at what someone else is doing wrong you will never be able to get right you should look more to how god is looking at you. a lie and murder are both sins so no matter how you look at it if you doing or have done something that god is not proud of he is not gonna change how he feels about you because you are pointing the finger at someone elses flaws try to correct your own first. GOD BLESS

That's the wonderful thing about GOD, no matter what we go there, He'll always be there for us.

But as far as coward website bloggers, best believe, you gonna reap what yaw'll sow!


Reckless is by far the most negative blogger on SOHH. I dont ever think ive heard anything positive from this person

People like you kill me son... Here you are, talking down on one man that you never met before. Reckless, X doesn't know you, and you probably don't know him. The only thing I can see from X is that he was once a rhyme god in his hood, he got signed to Def Jam a decade ago, the first musician to hit #1 on the charts twice in one year, had 5 consecutive albums reach the top position on the Billboard charts, and he's sold 20 million records worldwide. And he's done this all by being on "crack..." What have you done Reckless? You're sober, and you STILL ain't do notjin with yourself boy! STEP YOUR GAME UP SON, AND STAY IN SCHOOL! YOU MAY BE SOMEBODY ONE DAY!!

You Guys Gotta Be Kidding Me!!!
X Even Though He's A Crackhead,
He Still Drops Good Hip Hop Music!!!
I Knew A Crackhead In Paterson, NJ,
That I Use To Sell To, Use To Spit Fire
Better Than Most Of The So Called Rappers NOW!!
This Guy Is A Crackhead To The Fullest......
So Let X Do X!!!! And Continue Spitting Fire!!!
Maybe It's The Crack That Makes Him Spit FIRE!!!!

I Was At Daddy's House When He Annouced His Retirement!! Everybody Including Puff Was Laughing At Him Behind His Back!!!!

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