LL Cool J Opens His Eyes to Tainted Record Label, "Directs" Newest Video By Himself

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So, LL finally realized that it wasn't Hov, but the fallen walls that once upheld Def Jam that left his album on the low end of SoundScan. The video below was directed by himself and Ron Lakis...and cost no money.

LL Cool J f/ Wyclef Jean - Mr. President

No words for the video or the song, which I think is cliche, but it's clear that he discovered that if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself. With no one to blame, the only thing LL could do was take the initiative to remind people that his album is out there.

LOL.I still want to know why LL has been so quiet about how hard Exit 13 quietly entered the charts and then fell to the bottom of the barrell. It could be two things: one, he finally came from out of denial about the disappointment of his last album Todd Smith. Or 2, this is his last album on a dissipating hip-hop label, so he doesn't care.

Well, I don't care about this song. It's a slow news day. And besides, even though this "letter to the president" stuff is kind of run over like a dead deer in the road, it reminds us that the election is in just a couple short weeks.

They say they already know who is going to win.

And by the way, they could have done a better job with using clips where LL and Wyclef's mouths are moving. It loooks kinda bootleg.

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the beautiful thing about this video is LL is lettin the new artists know that they don't have 2 wait on majors to sign them. they can make it happen themselves.

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