Still No Growth: Joe Budden Finds Old Problems on New Label-- Album gets "Pushed Back"


Forget the sophomore effort Def Jam never allowed to see the light of day. Through his new home Amalgam Digital, Joe Budden was getting into high gear for the release of his sophomore album "Padded Room"... until the label decided to shelve it until February of next year. Talk about sophomore jinx.

Via press release:

"Due to complications with the physical product "Padded Room," Joe Budden's highly anticipated sophomore album through industry innovators Amalgam Digital has been pushed back from October 28th 2008 to February 24th 2009.

Always loyal to fans, Joe Budden and Amalgam Digital have decided to release "The Halfway House," a digital-only album featuring 14 brand new songs on October 28th as an intermediary album in place of "Padded Room". Amalgam and Budden are setting a new precedent with this album, as it will be the first digital-only hip-hop release employing both traditional marketing methods (commercial radio, video, advertising campaigns, etc.) and new media viral marketing initiatives. The album will be released exclusively in digital format on, iTunes, and other key digital retailers.

"Though I'm not happy about it being pushed so far back, I do understand the method behind the madness," Joe said via statement. "We've got an album I'm extremely proud of and a lead single that Amalgam Digital and I are both very happy with, but for those of you who are just as anxious as I am, I apologize."
Damn fam. A n*gga just can't win. You go major, you get dissed. You go no-name, you get kicked. I respect Joe as an artist. He has undeniable talent. But unfortunately, I don't see him going anywhere. If this is the way you start out with a label, then that says a lot about the future. A "replacement" album? Not a good look. Even though we don't quite know the underlying causes of this, it's still just too early for these kinds of things to be happening.

R.I.P MCs.

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