Maino Drops "Hi Hater" Remix, T.I, Plies, JadaKiss, Fabolous, and Swizz Beatz Hop On The Bandwagon


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A while back, I said this whole "Hi Hater" thing was genius. The hook is crazy catchy and the logo is undeniably distinct. And there are a million and one ways to market this idea.

I thought this song was kind of on the annoying side when it first began to get major spins. Or maybe it was just the hook. But then the buzz began to circulate heavier and heavier every week. Now it's all over the place. And then at the Harlem book fair, there were vendors selling fake, generic-looking "Hi Hater" t-shirts, while the Mgmt, Inc. crew (shout out to Sarah) sat at their booth cashing in on the real deal. And on top of that, some so-called author who wrote yet another "ghetto" book changed his Hustle Publishing logo into "Hustle Hard." I guess he was too hood to know about trademark litigation. What more can you expect from a writer who inks a book full of grammatical errors, like most of those stupid street novels.

But I mean, I have to give it to Maino for coming out with something different rather than pulling a Fat Joe move and biting off some Dirty South sh*t. He's been doing this for a while and finally found a record that's all his own.

And now for he remix:

-------> Maino featuring Swizz Beatz, T.I, Plies, Jadakiss, and Fabolous "Hi Hater (Remix)"

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Listen Spider Loc is on the Hi Hater west coast addition going hart @ Young Buck. I did the voice over saying Hover over & over. Also I want to say that I'm now the 123rd in charge of the BMF drug empire. And rick ross did know the real Noreaga, he yelled "Lights Out" @ the top of his lungs every night before he slammed the cell door shut on him everynight ole hoe ass C.O. hip hop cop ass nigga

Rick Ross was stupid dumb ass for not just admitting he had a job..and G - UNOT, let me educate you on something..If your a low level ass drug dealer you might want to get a job, period. The reason why I say this is when you get pulled over, how else you gonna explain how you got your 45k 2006 Cadilac escalade with 26's on em to 5-0 when you get pulled over and you have no job? And don't tell me "i'll put it my mommas name" And you living with your momma on the shittiest block in the hood with the shittiest house. If you low level you have to have a job. Me personally I would rather work in a jail..A - You get to know the cops, narcs and all that me you'll always bump into them and B - You cover yourself and your assets because YOU HAVE A JOB.

Say hello to the 2008 Mims...

Everyone say hello to the 2008 Mims, MAINO...

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