Yung Berg Plays "N*gga Games," AZ Continues to Kick Knowledge


Written by SOHH Reckless


In honor of Yung Berg's ignorant, self-hating comments, I figured I'd give those with similar beliefs a little reminder. Especially since they don't teach things like this in K-12 public school systems.

Usually I let images like the one below speak for itself. Not so much this time.

I guess everybody has a little bit of Nas-- a pioneer in this rap game since '94--- in them somewhere. But AZ, who was the only guest to appear on Nas' classic Illmatic, has been in the mix just as long-- minus the productivity. So what does it take to be a legend like Nas is?


Take a big bite off his sh*t-- and do it almost better than him.

If this isn't the most disturbing, most graphic picture I've seen out of all of Nas' promo pics swirling all over the net, then I don't know what is. AZ definitely mastered the object of the game.

And on a side note, it looks like DJ Absolut, looked at by many industry heads as nobody in the game, has finally gotten both feet through the same door that he's been standing in for years. And that's not a dis.

-------> AZ- "Nigga Games," off of the upcoming mixtape N*ggas 4 Life

That guy speaking in the beginning of the song is Yung Berg, by the way.

Not really. Just kidding. That's actually his grandfather.

And we can't forget the kid AC. Remember the 20-track "Attack of the Blogs" contest? Well he's wrapping that up with the mixtape:


Download it here


The sad thing about this reckless is that his thinking is not an anomaly for many of people but the norm. This is why I talk about white supremacy programming as being our major problem. Many of our people I humbly say speak very naively when they suggest that we adopt and employ these certain strategies, however if you don’t kill the disease that bring on these systemic Black self hatred symptoms then everything else is going to fail. I mean I respect other people’s views but to me until you address this huge problem of white supremacy psychological programming, then you are wasting your time with anything else. This programming impacts every aspect of our life.

So this dumb nigga said what many of our people think and feel. However to rake him over the coals for being sick is a little unfair. See this is not a case of 50 cents and his Katrina comments. 50 knew better but to get a pat on his head from the white man he purposely said some hateful anti black comments. This Negro here is not an Uncle Tom like 50; he is just pervasively ignorant and sick. Hopefully he and million of others of our people will get help and eradicate this disease of white supremacy programming or at least get some medicine to treat the symptoms. I suggest that they read Mis-education of The Negro and that will at least serve as a Motrin 800 millagram.

Listen man. I'm from Cali, when he said that I almost got all the ECG-UNIT, Grape St, Nutty Blocc, Paybacc, Kelly Park, Spook Town, & Fronthood Crips to put his name on the wall. And I'm still waiting on Bigup2bk to accept my invitation to come out here to get murked. I know ya'll been going through a lot w/ the KKK shutting ya'll down and all but listen man, I'm Spider Loc's cousin and I could've helped ya'll avoid this whole situation w/ the Crip protection man. I also smacked the Shit outta Obama because Jesse paid the crips to rough him up for talking down about us


Geez, are you still alive?

I know you were joking, but come on..who doesn't know that the dude talking at the beginning is none other than Bernie Mack from Don't Be a Menace..another dope track from AZ, gotta get that mixtape alone with the new NAS album tomorrow..


Geez, are you still alive?

Posted by: JohnnyACE |
Listen man I can't be faded plus Spider just bought me this new cool laptop so I'm blogging more than ever. I know SOHH was going through probs but this is ridiculous. I mean I got layed off because Spider knows how critical SOHH is to spreading the word on how real we are. Events you missed while I was layed off

1. I won my 3rd JR Crip of the year award w/ 4 gang beat downs & 1 stabbing to my credit

2. I smacked the sh!t outta Obama on Jesse Jackson behest. I was paid $45 to do that hit

3. I was the sole reason Game started crying last week when he thought about how I beat Big White Boy's ass over a $22 debt owed 2 weeks ago

4. I'm now @ war w/ 4 highly ranked Mexican Mafia members over a joke they overheard @ a crenshaw Taco Bell

5. On Ice T orders I now have to watch Soulja Boy's video's to monotor on how his hip hop is progressing if not his name will be on the wall

Damn, does everything have to do with the history of racism and shit, even the color of the butt Yung Berg's wants to bone? This is gettin a little ridiculous. For real, can we keep the whole slavery/white oppression thing out of the bedroom, particularly the whole racial-preference-for-the-girl-I-like-to-bone thing? Ropes hangin from a tree. Racism. Black dudes gettin shot dead by police in NYC when they unarmed. Racism. Ice T likin bleach blondes. Nothing to do wit racism. Yung Berg likin light skinned girls. Nothing to do with racism. Some guys like dark skinned girls better. Like me. Some guys like fat girls better. Some guys like Asian girls better. Some guys like white girls better. Somehow Yung Berg sayin this gots geek ass Black Panther wannabe mothafuckaz like "Generations ago, slave masters used to favor the fairest skinned Negro...." blah blah blah COULD we please kill that noise?! MY GOD! We cant even have sex wit a female witout some geek ass mothafuckaz bringin up some bullshit about race!!



After all you have been through TOGETHER, once segregation is over, black men will leave you.....for fair skinned women.
-Philly (a black woman)

G-unot killa is still up to his silly little antics again??? boy when are you gonna learn???

The problem was not that Berg prefers light women. Preference wasn't the issue. It was his ignorant comments and name calling (dark butts, darkies, pool test, a la the paper bag test), that was the problem. Basically, attaching a negative stereotype to being dark. It's not about him wanting light women. What he said reeks of colorisum, ignorance, and self hatred. Although I'm not surprised he said it. Because he said some other equally ignorant sh-- in that interview. Moving on.

I'm glad somebody's got a hold of that AZ mixtape. Funny you even mention it, cause they asked Sosa (Y'all remember AZ's old nick name back in the day), what did he think about Nas N-gger LP. And did he do this mixtape for teh same reason. He said he did it because he wanted to drop some knowledge on the youth as well. Props to AZ.

"The problem was not that Berg prefers light women. Preference wasn't the issue. It was his ignorant comments and name calling (dark butts, darkies, pool test, a la the paper bag test), that was the problem"

Oh okay, I get it, so it's not Berg gave a thumbs up to light skinned girls, its cuz he gave a thumbs down to dark skinned girls. Well shit what if I said I think red head white girls wit freckles don't look attractive to me, and fuck "what if", I'm sayin it right now: I must be racist for christ sake. It must have been those years in those white run government schools that programmed in me such ignorance. It probably was passed down to me subconsciously from back in slave times, all the way through to that TV broadcast of Jerry Springer I was watching. Fuck that bullshit maybe it's cuz my dick leans to left. I don't know.

AZ's last album was sort of weak to me at least compared to the one before, the Format. I might peep the mixtape though. Def checkin out Nas's new shit asap.

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