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"I want commissary! I want potato chips!"


At least, according to Hiphopcrack, that's what a former Riker's inmate told the NY Daily News Foxy was yelling from behind bars.

Foxy has no money. And if she does, the little chump change she received for her "multi-million dollar deal" with KOCH isn't stretching very far-- nor did it keep the bonding glue in her scalp strong enough to keep her weave in tact, 'cause that's all she's reportedly been whining about.


Wow. After all that promo, the Swizz promo posters aligning BX's Southern Boulevard, the net circulation of "Top Down," crazy radio play "It's Me B*tches," "Money in the Bank," plus a video, Swizz Beatz only sold 45,000 copies for One Man Band Man. What's even worse is that Talib Kweli, with very little promo and very little airplay-- if any at all-- sold about 60,000 units of Ear Drum. Which proves that it pays to have a loyal fanbase.

Maybe homie should just stick with making beats.

This is the video preview for Ja Rule's next single from off of his upcoming LP, The Mirror, entitled "Body." It features Ashley Joi, whoever that is. Watch Ja as he attempts to take it back to his "platinum sound (as he said in "BEEF")," dipped in a little bit of eye candy and a fresh beat.


"I recorded my album five years ago so I did it first."

This is the quote that the ever-discredible Contact claims MIMS told them-- exclusively-- when speaking on Kanye's use of "sped-up" soul samples on his tracks. Okay, take back "exclusive," because Contact never said that the Musically Immune One ever told them that exclusively at all. In addition to that, this is the only quote Contact even provided-- no further dialogue, no nothing. >>>>SUSPECT.

"U.S. rapper MIMS has accused KANYE WEST of stealing his hip-hop sound. The 26-year-old claims he used speeded-up soul samples on his records first - a sound that is now seen as West's trademark. He says, 'I recorded my album five years ago so I did it first.' Mims is due to appear at London's Notting Hill Carnival this weekend."

Ex-"Making the Band" choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson is still talking about the altercation she had with P. Sh*tty during one of the episodes.


Via Press Release:

2007 Boost Mobile Elite 24 Hoops Classic Brings High School Basketball's Best to New York Famed Rucker Park

The nation's top 24 ranked HS Basketball Players will descend once again upon New York City's famed Rucker Park for the second annual Boost Mobile Elite 24 Hoops Classic. This year's event features such top players in high school hoops as the top ranked player in the Class of '09, Renardo Sidney (Artesia), the #2 ranked player in the Class of '08, Tyreke Evans (American Christian), and the #2 ranked player in the Class of '09, New York's own Lance Stephenson (Lincoln HS). Celebrity coaches for this year's event include former coach of UNLV, Fresno State and Long Beach State University, Jerry Tarkanian, and Golden State Warriors' star point guard Baron Davis.

Peep Remy--before she removed the blonde chunk of hair in the front-- in her outrageously low-budget video for "Shesus Khryst," which is something she probably could've put together herself-- if she didn't, that is.

I hope this isn't seriously expected to push her "Shesus Khryst" mixtape.


In the midst of heavy gentrification, the one and only original Human Beatbox, Doug E. Fresh, is putting his foot in the door to the home of the Renaissance before the door fastens shut... forever.

Somehow I feel like someone will save Harlem before it's stripped of its existence.

I'm getting a relentless itch, so I must pick it off. Dissing me directly is fine. But blog rules apply: Regardless of timing I choose to post certain things when I want, my blog is mostly about insult/ridicule not necessarily "news" (you’re oblivious, so check the history) and I know the circumstances behind each subject that I post, so don't tell me how to write my joint. Just remember, you write for free, "ma." And remember, you were blowing up the NYC inbox with essays begging "Reckless" to stop blocking your comments, when it was server error, not me. Aight, freebie?

Hop off.

It's about time. After dropping his basically non-existent "street album," entitled The Moral of the Story, the kid Saigitty is finally in full effect and taking bigger steps towards releasing his real album, The Greatest Story Never Told. He can give thanks to a good management team that actually cares about a real rap artist with some actual talent. And he could possibly be an artist that can't make a ringtone track to save his life. Which is a good thing. Trust me.

Yeah. "Keep this sh*t up, it's gonna get worse everytime this mothaf*ckin cameras turn on."

>>>>>Not 'everytime THESE mothaf*ckin cameras turn on.'

Not only does De-Haven-- Hov's former "right hand man" and present nemesis-- sound like a complete idiot, dude has some serious issues with the english language, as you will see. And who is the cornball co-signing him outside the building?

Warning: The content of both the track AND video might be too graphic, explicit, and extremely offensive for most... yes. Most. The little white girl pulling the black kid by a leash might hurt the eyes.


Nas has now surpassed the highest level on the meter. Anytime a conservative journalist gets on the airwaves and starts talking about a rap artist, then you know what time it is. That journalist? Bill O'Reilly, of course. Who never has his facts straight about hip-hop, of course.

At first I thought this was just some kind of rumor that some Nas stan started, because the SOHH Community is full of relentless thread starters who live each day to write about Hip-Hop is Dead and It Was Written. But after seeing these discussions popping up on numerous other message boards all over the 'net, it must be true. Then I checked O'Reilly's website.

No disrespect, but the new "Beef" looks wack. Chamillionaire and Paul Wall on the cover? Trina and Khia? No thanks. I think I'll stick with "Beef I" and "II."


Busta Rhymes told the homie H.D (the SOHH correspondent and writer) that in October, he will be releasing that Before Hell Freezes Over album that I mentioned back in February. But if he doesn't snag a single as strong as "Touch It," and doesn't follow that up with a prompt album release, you can expect to see The Big Bang numbers once again. And in the midst of all this bad publicity, he needs to be on-point.

But at the end of the day, who is still checking for Busta? Besides money-hungry schemers trying to get paid... I hear crickets. No pun intended.


So Columbia is putting in their last bid to cash in. Nas will be releasing a greatest hits compilation this November per Columbia’s request. Pulling twelve songs from all of his albums, Nasir will make “that move” that usually puts the nail in the coffin for most musical careers.

I don’t care what anyone says, Nas is, and always will be, that piff. He spits the type of sh*t that no matter how many times you play (most of) his songs, you still can never learn the lyrics all the way through, even though it all makes sense. Not many rappers have that ability.

"We [50 Cent and I] was never beefin. He just needed something... he just needed somebody to talk about for his new album. And who else better than the god MC?... it's getting corny. If you just follow what he's doing whenever he drops an album, it's getting corny."-- Jadakiss Interview at NC's 102 Jams


I really didn’t wanna post anymore about this corn. But he got exactly what he wanted out of me: another blog.

Hey everyone! Vote for your favorite hater for Best Hip-Hop Blog in the 2007 Black Weblog Awards! Thanks!


But seriously. It seems as if ever since Busta Rhyme's bodyguard, Israel Ramirez, was shot dead on the set of his "Touch It (Remix)" video shoot back in February of '06, Busta's life has been spiraling further and further out of control. Countless traffic violations, court dates, accusations, and the endless criticism from the media-- particularly the declaration that Busta's career is over for good--has been the story of his life for the past year and a half.

Some say karma is a b*tch-- and when I say that I mean paybacks for Busta not helping to find the killer of his friend; with me it's neither here nor there--and others say he's just depressed and is voluntarily throwing himself under the bus... again and again.

Funky Fresh dressed

Next to this pic, I was going to post a shuckin and jivin' coon at a minstrel show, but I can't do that to Lauryn, man. I just can't. "Killing me Softly" brings back so many good memories. And that album was good money.

According to sources, the Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series that Lauryn Hill performed at Monday night in Brooklyn was... strange. Of course she was late, but considering the more blatant abnormalities, that was... normal. She was dressed like a bag lady setting up shop for a Southern-styled Halloween coon show in Washington Square Park-- as you can see. Some of her singing was twisted and incoherent, and many were standing around looking at each other to see if they shared the same confusion: what's wrong with this woman? What happened to the Lauryn Hill we once watched on "Sister Act"?


Wu-Tang's RZA sat down with MTV and shot down the very rumors he started about Ghostface not making an effort to spit a verse for the upcoming Wu-Tang effort.

"Yeah, yo," RZA said in reference to Ghost. "Oh, this is a Wu-Tang Clan album. It ain't like no solo album â€" everybody is poppin' on this. It's scheduled for an October 23 release."


First the (more blatant) attack came from Sucio Smash at the Squeeze Radio on New York's 89.9. Even more recently, Weezy Goldberg came under fire with Papoose and G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid at his Sirius Satellite Radio Show.

Heads up: when Whoo Kid asked Pap if Dr. Dre did the beat for "Bang it Out," Pap told him that it was "Scott Storch-- same thing," right before someone said that Storch used to do beats for Dre back in the day. Whoo Kid followed that up with:

"One hits, they do their little do for just a day or two but then they never last/ Ringtones, the labels cashing in they think they gonna win from this phenomenon." --Q-Tip "Work It Out"


Q-Tip recently sat down with SOHH to speak on a few things, including his upcoming album The Renaissance, and of course, hip-hop. Everything Q was saying in the interview was recycled--just expressed in a more articulate manner-- but what caught my eye was this:


I took a peek at Saigon's Myspace page and it just so happens that he wrote a blog yesterday, telling everyone to hit up Abandonednation to cop his street album. Note: STREET ALBUM.

"Please go to to buy my new street album...The Moral Of The Story....Its the HOTTEST work of mine to date......Promise you that....and you cant get it anywhere else....hahaha."

It's been four years since the release of Joe Budden's debut. Still no Growth.


I never, and I repeat, never take from XXL, or any other big hip-hop website such as Allhiphop-- though sometimes news I get from other sites might originate from them and I don't realize it-- but for Joe's recent blog on XXL I must make an exception:

"...some things ladies and gentlemen, some things, just need to be spoken about. Young n*ggas nowadays seem to be able to say whatever it is they feel like saying, and if they say it enough, some idiots will actually dignify it and deem it as the truth. Just for the record, NONE OF YOU ARE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!

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