SOHH Exclusive: Lovebug Starski Puts the Smackdown on Who Created the Word "Hip-Hop"; Brooklyn Bodega CMJ Showcases Freddie Foxxx


Stans, this blog is not for you.

Whoever organized the red carpet for the "VH1 Hip-Hop Honors" needs to be slapped silly. It was chaos, stupid packed, and just ridiculous. Too many friggin publications were in one spot.

The red carpet segment took about three hours alone, and I had to bounce before the actual show. However, I got a priceless quote from the legendary Lovebug Starski, the creator of the word "hip-hop," who put an end to the journalists' speculating that his former sidekick, DJ Hollywood, possibly created the word. He told me:

"It was Lovebug. QUOTE. Not DJ Hollywood. It was the internet tryna start some shit. And you can ask him. He knows what I did. I know what I did. I created the word 'hip-hop.'"


That was exclusive shit right there, even though I had a million other journalists on my back, breathing down my neck, and a million cameras rolling only feet away, all thanks to the red carpet people. And for you old school heads who know rap's history, there's no longer any question on who created the word "hip-hop," thanks to yours truly. So Lovebug authors, stop Googling, 'cause the facts are backwards.

Grand Wizard Theodore was in the building, as well as Grandmaster Flash, Marley Marl, Cold Crush, Busy Bee, Yo-Yo, Big Daddy Kane, Salt-N-Pepa and Spinderella, and Kid Capri. New school we had Fat Ho, Maino, former "106 and Park" VJ A.J, loudmouth Wendy Williams, Lil Kim looking something terrible, and Remy Ma looking very '80s Baby. Then we had The Roots' ?uestlove, the host Ice-T with his nastily orange-colored girlfriend, Bone-Thugz-N-Harmony, Big Boi, and many others.

The honorees, including Ice Cube, Russell Simmons, MC Lyte, Beastie Boys, and Lil Eazy-E, who was there to pay tribute to his father (the honoree, of course), were on the carpet. I didn't see Afrika Bambaataa or the Wu-Tang Clan. It was so chaotic, who knows.


Since is the media sponsor for this event and this topic is only focusing on the old school, it would only be right for me to mention the 5th Annual Room Service & Brooklyn Bodega CMJ Showcase for the old school rapper Freddie Foxxx aka "Bumpy Knuckles."

" Boom, I see doom/ For all these Rakim fans in the motherfuckin room/ Sorry for the let down, but here's a fact/ Eric B wanted Nas and Ra said he was wack/ Jesus was black/ So Nas you ain't God's son cause he won't do the track/ I'm telling you fact."

Freddie Foxxx has worked with artists such as KRS, Naughy By Nature, Gangstarr, Kool G. Rap, and M.O.P., and is presently known for his beef with legendary lyricist Rakim. Since Nas has been thrown off the cliff and left for "dead" I thought I'd just throw that dis in there to keep his name alive.

Anyways, all you old school hip-hop folks check for this event. Since the beef with Ol' Freddie and Rakim is still fresh, you never know what might pop off. This event takes place Tuesday, October 31st at BB King's Times Square. See below for your chance to be in the place.


SOHH NYC is giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the CMJ Showcase in New York City on Tuesday, October 31st featuring Freddy Foxxx, Stetsasonic, J-Live, Prince Paul and The Ill Out Crew, CL Smooth, AG, the Juggaknots, Mojoe, Chen Lo, Nemiss and others! To enter, send an email with your name, phone number and your email address to between 10/9 - 10/20. A winner will be selected randomly and will receive the tickets by 10/27. (Must 18 or older participate.)


1st Bitches!!

Everyone wants to be the king of hip hop but Rakim is beyond that shit the dude Rakim is the god of hip hop. To just call this man a king is a gotdamn understatement he's a god. Gods are over kings.

Thanx Reckless for the look out I always thought Dj Hollywood was the one who created the phrase hip hop. Even on the internet there are still some sites that claim Dj Hollywood not Luvbug Starski came up with the shit.


good morning everyone.....

Awwready....i never knew who Luvebug Starski was when B.I.G. had that song where he had shouted him out. Thats whats up tho. There are a lot of NY cats from back in the day, i had heard of, but i never listened to em, but i am always hearin dudes say they are the greatest. Like Kool G Rap, never heard a song from him till the other day. I DL'ed a song by him called "Fast Life" wit Nas. Kool G killed it man!! Im gonna get some stuff by Freddie Foxx too. I been hearin about him for a while too.

RAKIM FOR PRESIDENT!!! Freddie, Rakim will lyrically assassinate you.

^^^ Just buy the Whole " 4,5,6" ablum by Kool G Rap and " Dead or Alive " !!! DAMn how young are niggas that they never heard a KOOL G RAP song ? He also KILLS EVER CAMEO he's ON...Hands down top 5 all-time....I didnt know Bumpy had beef with the God Rakim...Thats crazy !! I respect both niggas but Rakim would KILL Bumpy in a Battle. But Bumpy would Fuck Rakim up in some street fight..REAL TALK.

Bk all day !!!

@mIZE2, Im 23, but i wasnt allowed to listen to rap until i was like 14, so hes before my time. I am black if you are wondering, just being raised by my G-ma its a whole bunch of shit that I wasnt allowed to do at a certain age. I know quality music when i hear it, but at the same time i also gotta hold it down for the people thats doin it for me.

That's what's wrong with the world the hell you gonna call a rapper a GOD? Anyone speakin of another man, calling him GOD, is a fool...that's my opinion for today...I'll be back for topic change.


I kinda assumed you were from the NE like the rest of the usual suspects, but now I'm not so sure. When they call Rakim a god they are referring to his affiliation with the 5 percenters. Rakim is a 5 percenter and they believe the black man to be god. They refer to themselves as Gods. For intance back in the day they commonly greet each other by saying, "Peace God." Busta Rymes is also a god.

They don't mean he is THE God I believe in, but one of many men who think of themselves as Gods.


Thanks for clearing that up, but I still can't fix my mouth 2 say those words no matter what...Out of the usuals, there are only a couple from NY, I'm from Detroit actually.

Damm, it is bare in here today. I am home today laying in bed being lazy like a mumfucka.

My lap top keeps going down so I will be in and out through out the day.

Freddie dissen Ra is nothing new and of course when it comes to this Hip Hop M-Ceeeing shit U already know. Rakim is the best ever, bar none.

Peace to the real...

Wuz up Slim? Thanks for that explanation Birdshu...I had no idea why people said that...very interesting...
Damm, it is bare in here today. I am home today laying in bed being lazy like a mumfucka.

Posted by: BIGUP2BK at October 9, 2006 10:07 AM

Go ahead and rub it in Bigup2bk!! Naw, catch a couple of zzz's for me too...wish I could have been off today...

Peace to the real!

I hope Freddie Fox doesn't think that Rakim is going to respond to that nonsense. As far as the honors go, I can't wait to watch it. I enjoy it every year. Much respect to the 5 percent nation. Calling a brother God is just a sign of respect because God represents true knowledge. It's just like calling a brother Sun. It's only because his knowledge shines like one. Truth is, a 5 percenter is one of those considered to be the ones that "get it". When Bumpy Johnson expanded on the tenets of Marcus Garvey and WEB Dubois and the 5 percenter were the result. Women of influence are referred to as Queen Mother. It's a great nation and it forces you to gain knowledge of self above all else so that the oppressor can't keep you in shackles.

As far as the creator of the word hip hop, great. Good for Starski for coming up with the term because rap music sounds so temporary.

Go Bears, all the fucking way!

quick topic toss!

When you think of Eazy E, what do you think of? Is he just a thug with a ghost writer(Ice Cube)? Is he a hip hop legend, or is he just a tragic figure that soiled the concept of hip hop and really doesn't deserve the honor?

What up errbody


When you think of Eazy E, what do you think of? Is he just a thug with a ghost writer(Ice Cube)? Is he a hip hop legend, or is he just a tragic figure that soiled the concept of hip hop and really doesn't deserve the honor?

Posted by: ernest frazier at October 9, 2006 10:27 AM

"Eazy! We Want Eazy!"...that's what I think of everytime I think about Eazy E. Me personally, I'm a fan of his music and really don't get into the ghostwriting thing and just enjoy the music for what it is. I think he's legendary because he was a member of NWA a very influential group to bring gangsta rap to the forefront and the West Coast in general, but lyrically? I'm not so sure.

Hey Easy was alright n does deserve honours for putting gangsta rap with the rest of NWA....

i LIKE bumpy but what he is doing now ain't making no sense to me....

that 5 percent shit always make me wish i was living in NY to learn that's all bout knowledge of self in the 06...ya heard...


Whats up N-Site, E. Frazier, Bigup, & Disrespect....

Sorry I'm late coming back, but N-Site, as you know I was attending to other things LOL..

As far as the Eazy question...when I hear his name I don't look too hard into it...I was a fan, enjoyed the music, didn't really care if he had a ghost writer, he fit the character he was rappin to a T.


man fuck u from brooklyn, nigga ill come and get u where u live too!!! i did 5 years in the joint.....u dont want it with me....who else wants to talk some shit, so i can kill u.....ohhh i get pussy, from your mom

Posted by: Deonte Jones at October 6, 2006 09:06 PM

>>>>>also beware of niggas stealin names on here....i had a nigga by the name of whoknowho steal my name and say some faggot shit.....if somebody steals your name and makes threats or uses abuse, let SOHH know, they can trace the IPP address.....that goes for all u faggots....make a point so we can debate, dont just get on here tryin to act hard cause no matter what yall think, none of us gonna see each other so say somethin that makes sense......

Posted by: VaGangsta at October 8, 2006 04:10 PM

Ok. BIGUP, 1st of all I aint make NO DEATH THREATS 2 yo punkass. THAT WAS MA STAN MAKEIN DEATH THREATS!!! Now I may be a former drug addict, but I aint that damn dumb nigga to say shit like that! I a bit suprised that u and that bitch bxconnect didn't notice that VaGangsta writing style is very similar to my stan's so he must have been saying that shit. Now u may not believe me but I dont give a fuck, if the FEDS pull my IP address, they will notice that after I signed off with the "NYC 4 LIFE BOTCH" POST" hoe ass stan came on here and started postin that bullshit. Notice that Vagangsta types in all LOWER CASE letters and my stan also writes in all lower case along with the "......" in between (look above the 2 post I pasted). Its clear that his bitch ass was hiding behind my name. Yeah, that might question my ass but once they realize that that death threat did not come from my pc I will be off the hook nigga.

I feel the same about Eazy.

As far as coming to NY to get knowledge of self with the 5 percenters, it's not NY exclusive. I have a few partners that are 5 percenters. I live in Chicago.

Why did it take so long to honor Russell Simmons?

God MC? Ra aint that nice on the mic...

Word to your mother B.
You coons down South do nothing but eat fried chicken, greens, and cornbread. And what is it with this red flavored Kool-Aid? It's strawberry B. Word up. And just wait a few more years. We'll be back on top. Word is bond son. You jigaboos get ready to take your L like a man my duke.

You let your Moms...oh let me talk the way you all talk B. You let your Mama keep cooking that fried chicken, and okra and tomato casserole, and red flavored Kool-Aid. Don't forget to have something spicy. You know how you porch monkeys like your food hot. In New York it's Chinese take out all day my dude. I bet the South has never tasted soy sauce B!!!

Peace out. One.

Posted by: NewYork ish at October 9, 2006 12:35 AM

Look @ this ignornant New Yawka.
This why we don't repsect yall ,same ol shit everyday. Karma is a muthafucka , that's why you all are illrelevant.

SEC bitches

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After hearing Jay-Z first single "Show me what you got" Do you think he is going to make a real attempt with this album? My thoughts are this is a very weak lead single. The hook is whack the beat over shawdows the lyrics, nothing to go crazy over. I am a Jay-Z fan have many of his albums but I have a feeling making a real solid album is not in his heart. I hope he proves me wrong but I feel right now he is just going to capitalize of the Jay-Z name. Is there any others out there who feel this way. Speak on it.


I'm in and out, nothing's keeping my interest......

I guess Friday was so hot, ni99as needed a break, LOL.

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i bet i could bet disrespect's ass


i bet i could beat ernest frazier's ass

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who da fuc was talkin to yo ugly ass slimgoody?

Jadakiss is wack as fuck! Rakim would roast that nigga!

Talking to you bitch wanna fuck or something??

The South Eastern Conference (SEC Bitches)

You don't really believe that NewYork ish is from up top do you? I read that post and it sounds straight up silly. Sounds like one of your own posing as a stan. Not to mention, I have seen that kid post that same shit before.

I'm not feeling the blog this week. My mind is on other shit. I'm waiting for someone to jump in with something profound to catch my attention.

On the radio this AM, they are discussing full figures vs. thin sisters.

The question is:

Why does J-Lo get away with being allowed to have a big butt or Angelina Jolie to have full lips, but black actresses with the same characteristics are scarce on tv and in film? I watch Kim Elise on "Close to Home" every week and I notice how they stay away from her very shapely figure. The white lady on there wears fitted clothing but Kim is always in business suits. Is it intentional or am I reading more into it than what is there?

Jadakiss is wack as fuck! Rakim would roast that nigga!

Posted by: fuck the final four at October 9, 2006 11:39 AM

I'm Co-Signing!

Yeah I rather sit down with my homie and rub his balls , ya hear me joe

Talking to you bitch wanna fuck or something??

Posted by: slimgoody at October 9, 2006 11:40 AM


your so fuckin ignorant

Ok, that wasn't me up there, and since the stans are in full affect...I'm checkin out so anything from this point on is not me..

He is lying I'm am still here .

Hello BigUp2bk

Was last week crazy or what?

One more post for the dummy ass stan....If I was to write that sentence at 11:45, it would have went like this;

He is lying, I'm still here.

Not "I'm am"

Now I'm out for the day:-)

He is lying, I'm still here.
i got my man's thong in my mouth!

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