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Complex Magazine has a great cover story this month on Eminem and Obie Trice. Rereading the interview after Proof's death makes it eerie because they dive into what happened with Obie's own shooting and Em's frantic reaction to it.

Today the NY Post ran an article about Proof's murder that began:

"Red-hot rapper Proof - a close pal of Eminem - was executed in a Detroit nightclub early yesterday when a gunman blew his brains out during a heated argument."

"Blew his brains out"? Holy hell. This so-called journalist, Bill Hoffman scribbled a description of Proof's murder that is more than just disrespectful - it's tasteless. I plan to email him about this at "" and I suggest you do the same.

Over the weekend SOHH wrote up their annual April Fools Day joke and caught a bunch of bloggers and news outlets with their fact checker pants down.

The fake story claimed that Diddy was suing Proactive for failure to even out his bumpy face and "preserve his sexy". The story further claimed Proactive was blaming Diddy's love of Diet Pepsi as the real cause for his acne. Not until you get to the end of the story and click the link, does the story reveal itself as a joke.

The word has come down the hip-hop media pipeline that Fuego Magazine is dead. At first I thought Fuego was a Latino music mag, but then I found it was more like King - only instead of KiToy, they featured Vida.

Was it lack of interest from advertisers that killed them? Or maybe they had the ads, but not the readers? Who knows?

More drama at The Source office, ya'll.

Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe resigned his position as Editor-in-Chief of "Hip-Hop Bible" The Source Magazine today (Aug. 16). According to Ratcliffe, the reason for his abrupt departure is a difference of opinion between himself, Chief Brand Executive Raymond "Benzino" Scott and CEO Dave Mays.

Ratcliffe said Little Brother’s album,The Minstrel Show, was to receive a rating of 4 and 1/2 mics in the magazine's October 2005 issue, but Mays and Scott disagreed.

That can't be the only reason. I remember in the first month of Fahiym's reign, there was an incredible article on The 5 Percenters and how they've influenced hip-hop slang and culture. The long article said part 1, but next month there was no part 2.

I've heard that Fahiym is on a righteous kick, and I would guess that the 2-part article was his pet project. Now who canceled the second part? Questions, questions.

Over a decade ago Ego Trip was launched as a fresh, irreverent hip-hop voice amongst the self-important world of music magazines. It was run by a multiracial crew of writers including Sacha Jenkins, Chairman Mao, and Elliott Wilson, who is currently the assistant director of marketing for Interscope Records (which includes being editor-in-chief of XXL Magazine).

Ego Trip’s irreverent humor and view of hip-hop within the wider realm of pop culture made the mag a must read amongst the hip music fan. After a few years Elliott and his crew shut down the magazine but stayed together to write books, such as "Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists", and the "Big Book of Racism." They’ve also produced some VH1 specials for rap fans who are too old for MTV but haven’t yet retired into jazz.

Now, with Ego Trip long out of the glossy game, the big question is, where can a hip-hop head get his alternative fix for everything rap-related? Enter: “hip-hop blogs.”

50 Cent Book.jpg

Let me guess- the book starts off with, "Growing up I was confused, my momma kissing a girl..."

Then he gets shot.

Then he gets stabbed.

Then he goes platinum.

There, I just saved ya'll $25.

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