Pay Kanye West to Write a Blog About Him!


Kanye West's official fan club is open for business!

As part of the paid membership you can get stickers, a T-shirt, and your own Kanye blog. Yes, your own blog!

Just hand over 3 times what you paid for Kanye's CD, and you get the privilege of writing about your favorite rapper with a "Benz and a backpack"!

Nevermind the free blogging hosts out there. Being in the fan club gives you not just your own blog, but access to read Kanye's impersonal news blog!

Oh yeah, you also get to see some of 'Ye's baby pictures! We major!

(I can't afford my own membership, but maybe Sean Fennessey will let me guest blog on his account.)


I would assume (and hope) that this is a bullshit idea put forward by some people at the label trying to make an extra buck, but come on... the only people who would pay this money would be little kids who don't know any better. Stop taking advantage of kids on the internet. Btw, Kanye's album is great, but I miss the days when he wasn't on the cover of every magazine and couldn't charge money for people to talk about him.

kanye's on that teen fanbase hustle

Wow, I thought this was a joke... but it's for real.. LOL!!

I love Kanye's music, but his dumb shit is starting to annoy me lately.

^^^^Wow who is going to fall for that chain letter scam? Why would kanye make his fans pay? I like his cd but he is starting to get annoying with all his complaints about the media and the fact that he thinks he is the biggest person on earth. Kanye the fans are the reason for your fame. Shouldn't you give something back???

he would make them pay because that's what they do in fan clubs. if you're gonna be a part of just about any fan club, you have to pay. it's been that was since forever and people join b/c it gets them just a step closer to learning more and hearing sanitized news/updates about celebrities they like. they get stuff like autographs, concert news and discounts on merchandise. if you don't like it, just don't join.



Kanye is the illest beat maker in the game right now... fuck a fan club though... i aint female and i ain't 13...

For those of you who dont like it then dont talk about it- unless your trying to make him more famous; Like I always said " Talk about me, make me famous"
He is trying to make more money to give back down the road...,,,, why am I writing this?????


heh you potential executives that want to run the rap world, I have legal tender exclusive music contracts for sale

9.99, that's it, 9.99

Real Legal contracts. Why pay 20.00, 50.00, better yet hundreds of dollars on an music contract when you can get one including the name of your record label. Professional contracts. To know more contact me at to know more. No joke, if you don't like the contracts send it back for a refund, I'll double your money if you are not satisfied, I'm that crazy.
Thank You and Good Night

Kanye is a fuckin idiot. The more I see him, the more I think he's fag.

Jay Thugz I bet you that if it was 50 you'll be totally satisfied. All of that he's this and he is that is your opinion. This brother spoke for a lot of people. He put his career on the line to say what he said and what entertainer you know that would have the balls to entertain the idea of speaking their mind while the whole world is watching. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain but the respect of real people. If you wasn't able to see racism being displayed through the whole ordeal that the people of Katrina were going through then you need to get your head out of Masta'a ass and stop being IGNORANT! By the way Kanye's album is nice but if you prefer bubble gum rap then you can slide over to any member fron G-Unit. So what if Game's verse isn't on the album.,it doesn't make the album anymore tight than what it is. Damn the haters Kanye., I keep my right fist up even in my sleep. One Love! Peace To Man, Woman, and Child!

kayne it's alright to have your own opnion every one does keep on staying strong black brotha!!!

culo marang tato kaeliba umpo linda

first kanye says da president doesn't care bout black people, now it's clear kanye doesn't either chargin his fans to join a club. hypocite!

Greg your comments are not valid. He gave and he will continue to give so what about you?

^^^my comments are valid. and whatever little means kanye has, he can't help the people more than the president can. kanye's chargin' people to get in his fan club, to get back the money he gave for hurricane relief.

Haha hey yo lewis watup, I remember you from the other blog. Anyways that blog shit is ridiculous, its a marketing scam.

And by the way, as a black person right now I'm gonna say this:

I'm a democrat, I'm Afro-American, and I think George Bush is one of the most incompotent monkey ass fool leaders. BUT I do not think he's a racist, and I have alot of reasons for that. To say he's racist just cuz he's a southern white boy is stupid shit.

That being said, I also gotta say I'm dissapointed with virtually every fuckin' brother in the industry. Fuckin' hova spends 2 mill on beyonce's bday gift, cheap ass bitch pledges only 500K for his own people up in katrina........diddy.....500 K....fuckin eminem who's supposed to have love for our pple, pledges a pathetic 200,000.....that bitch makes 200 grand in a week. And i haven't even heard jack shit from anyone in G-Unit, or Dre, Lil Jon, Usher, all these guys.... and if they have given, i guarantee you its little shit amounts like eminem, 200K. Its seroiusly pathetic man, the white people like Mike Dell and Bill Gates and Clinton are doin a hell of alot more for blacks than our own people. I find that pathetic man. Really pathetic.

PS: Hey "FUCK GAME" , since you are so much has kanye actually DONATED from his own bank account? lmao

here is a free blog for you...kanye u fuckin suck

First of all, I want to say how tired i am of hearing this is all about race. It is pure ignorence. people knew years ago what could happen if they chose to stay. true that the majority that were there during the storm were poor. but like i said.. they knew the possability of disaster years earlier. i agree that bush should have steped up long before he did but pulling the race card is bull shit. kanye, they are OUR people. all of the people that choose to shout RACE need to think about this. BET, UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND, MISS BLACK AMERICA, NAACP. If white people had WET(white entertainement television) White boy colledge fund, miss white america, and NAAWP, what would the black community think about that!!! By the way, I am a 28 year old american indian. And if anyone in the USA should pull a race card, it should be me. The fact is black people dont care about black people. tell me, how hungry and thirsty do you have to be to rape a child? how many meals can you make from a cd player? did they steal all of that bush light because it had some water in it? if the majority of a city is black how many news stories are you going to see on white people? OUR PEOPLE should have pulled together to help one another. people should take responsibility for their actions only cowards try to blame someone else. i feel so much pain and sorrow for all of MY PEOPLE that lost their lives and loved ones. and for MY PEOPLE who are suffering through all of this. and finally, where are jesse and al? sleeping sound in their big warm beds in their prodominently WHITE neighborhoods.

Don't listen to jay, christy, that's a white racist trying to be Black and Indian. I can see thru that devil like an open window. Kanye, Jigga, Diddy, Jamie fox and other Blacks celebs are not only donating, they're making up an organization to help OUR people in a crisis like this(since nobody else will). We already know red cross will keep the majority of the money that has been donated. Just like they kept most of the money donated to the 9/11 victims. The fact is, White people are mad because the truth about them has come out and the whole world knows it. Even George Bush admitted the delay in New Orleans was because of RACISM. When racism STOPS, the RACE CARD will STOP. Put your money where your mouth is white people. Stop racism and I guarantee, you will no longer see or hear the RACE CARD. White people care more about animals than they do their own people(or any other people). I saw some white katrina victims on TV worried more about their lost pets, than, their lost children. Now, that is just plain SICK.

Let's not forget, white people are going to hate on Kanye, for telling the truth on national TV. So, don't listen to the BS they say about Kanye. The whites are mad, because, they have been exposed as the devil to the whole world and their rule over the world is about to come to an end. The Lord is about to punish them for the crimes they commited in the past and present against GODS people.

racism is when you discriminate against someone because of a difference between you ron, so you are a racist....i see many more racial remarks from black people than from white, so wake up and quit listening to that fool jesse jackson and start taking responsibility for the shit in your lives

yes its me again, the american indian that you say is white. and i have this to say, the only way that the race card will stop being played is when white people are in the fields picking cotton. the shit happened so many years ago and yet ignorent people like you who by the way were never a slave, want to run your mouths about " well my great, great, great, great, great grandgather was a slave so the world owes me everything. get off your ass and get it yourself. hell my ancestors were done dirty also but im not sitting here waiting on someone to give me somthing. i am a minority. i live in a little town in tennessee. I graduated and got a pretty good job here. i didnt go to college simply because i did not want to. but hey, i can just blame it all on the white devil. say that it is the white devil that has heild me back all this time. if you only knew how stupid that shit sounds. it is because of ignorent people like you that race will always be an issue. you are so quick to judge another race. wake up. i have three children and i do not teach them race or color. they only know everyone as a person. the same as them. it a shame that your children will teach them to judge by color. now who is racist.

Hahahaha mannnnn ron, in plain terms, you're a whack ass nigger in the sense that our grandparents would use the word. I'm a black kid that actually recognizes right from wrong, and people as human beings. You're one of them sad ass niggers stuck in the age of "lets take shit ova brothas". Wake up you fool, you talk about racism yet your comments are more racist and predjudice than half the shit the motha fuckin klan spews.
And no nigga, the black pple aint been giving SHIT for our people, check the stats you fuckin moron.

Ah yes I struck a nerve. The truth hurts doesn't it. Hahahahahahaha. "Get over it" is a typical response from racist whites. Isn't it funny how whites, want you to forget the crimes they do, however, whites, never forget the crimes other races do. The fake white jews, NEVER, forget about the holocaust and whites feel, that, they(fake white jews) are justified in not forgetting about it. They don't tell the fake white jews to "get over it" or "forget about it". However, when blacks, don't forget about RACISM(which is a crime whites still commit to this day), whites tell us to, "get over it" or "forget about it". FUCK YOU DEVIL. We will NEVER forget the crimes you have committed against us in the past and the crimes you still are committing against us today. And the Lord didn't forget either. That is why he is going to punish and destroy the white race and any uncle toms that support the white race. It's funny how whites always try to get us to believe statistics, made by "white people". Nice try, dude. But, it's not going to fly. Hahahaha. White people, it is just easier to prepare for the punishment you are going to receive from the LORD. Resistance is futile. Lay down your weapons and accept your punishment from the Lord. There is nothing you can do about it. YOU will be Punished and Destroyed by the Lord. Hahaha.

When whites stop RACISM, then, the RACE CARD will stop being used.

And stop trying to act as if you are an Indian in one message and then a Black uncle tom in another message. We see you devil, so give up. Hahahaha. You are just up to your old racist tricks. You whites used to do radio shows like "Amos and Andy" and made your voice sound as if you were black. Al Jolsen used to dress up in Black face to act Black. And here it is in 2005, YOU are on this thread trying to act Black in one message and acting like an Indian in another message. You are an internet "minstrel show", Hahahaha. YOU just proved whites are still racist to this day. Hahahaha. Now, put that on your statistics. Hahahaha

And stop trying to act as if you are an Indian in one message and then a Black uncle tom in another message. We see you devil, so give up. Hahahaha. You are just up to your old racist tricks. You whites used to do radio shows like "Amos and Andy" and made your voice sound as if you were black. Al Jolsen used to dress up in Black face to act Black. And here it is in 2005, YOU are on this thread trying to act Black in one message and acting like an Indian in another message. You are an internet "minstrel show", Hahahaha. YOU just proved whites are still racist to this day. Hahahaha. Now, put that on your statistics. Hahahaha

Racism really means, to OPRESS another race. Black people don't have the power to OPRESS any other race, so Blacks Can't be racist. Blacks can be prejudice, BUT NOT RACIST. There is a difference. Prejudice, is when you don't LIKE someone or something, because of the way it looks or it's color. Prejudice, does NOT mean, you OPRESS another race, because of it's color, like whites have and still are doing to this day.

you are one ignorant son of a bitch...let me ask you something, have you ever been owned, ever picked cotton? hell no, you are free and always will be. i've never owned a slave nor would i ever condone it. but i will tell you this, the only thing oppressing the black race is ignorant sons of bitches like you spewing your racial shit. you should be locked up, not because your black, but because you are cleary too stupid to grace society. i wish someone would take you to NO and hand your dumbass a DVD player in front of a cop

anyone that agrees with me can let ron know by emailing him at rons an

Ah yes I struck a nerve, the TRUTH hurts..AWW...HAHAHAHHA. I am free because I know the TRUTH. You are just mad because you know your people are going to be destroyed by the LORD for the crimes both you and your ancestors commited. And there is nothing you can do about it. Don't get mad at me, I didn't create the bible. I'm just the messenger. Take it up with GOD. Devil, you have been exposed to the world, just as it was prophesized in the bible. HAHAHAHA

When whites stop RACISM, there will be no more RACE CARD.

no point in even trying with this dumb ass fuck, im ashamed hes part of my race. And i bet you christy is laffin her ass off cuz this crazy ass fool thinks we're the same person.

You a sad ass bitch, and if you ever wanna come up over to New Jersey i'll be glad to whoop ur ass and show you how a real black person demonstrates pride and accepting others and not spewing that bullshit fool.

And by the way, ignoramus, my stats are more reliable than your sad ass ranting corpse. You so fuckin stupid I wouldnt mind if you were pickin cotton, its probably the only thing you're good for, stop downgrading the educated black man.

And by the way, predjudice is the seed of racism you sad ass fuck.

I speak the TRUTH and YOU say I'm an ignorant son of a bitch. That statement, YOU made, is plain IGNORANT. YOU are an ignorant Devil, like the rest of your people and I can't wait until the LORD destroys you. HAHAHAHA

Ah yes, It's the Devil playing, Jay, a Black Uncle Tom, now. And he's making internet threats. He is gangster, like the mafia now. Hahahahaha. We see you devil, You are a white person acting like a black uncle tom. You ignorant, internet "minstrel show", you. Shame on You and any other fool who believes you. Oh yeah and put that on the "white man's stats". Death to America.. HAHAHAHAHA

Racism really means, to OPRESS another race. Black people don't have the power to OPRESS any other race, so Blacks Can't be racist. Blacks can be prejudice, BUT NOT RACIST. There is a difference. Prejudice, is when you don't LIKE someone or something, because of the way it looks or it's color. Prejudice, does NOT mean, you OPRESS another race, because of it's color, like whites have and still are doing to this day

White people any country and strip it for every resource it has and they never get punished; They steal from Africa every day and nobody says shit about it.

Europeans people didn't get rich magically or because they worked hard.... They steal, steal, steal, steal and steal. That's how they've survived for so long.

Baby Zimbabwe, you speak the truth.

thank you jay, i dont feel the need in saying anything else to ron. he is hopeless.being proud of your race is one thing. using it to blame others is wrong. but then again..ignorance is bliss

why is it that when a black man is educated and has money he is considered an uncle tom. but if he has money and is still ignorant than he is staying true to his race? what are you saying about the black race when you call a successful and educated black man an uncle tom? do you think that all black men should be poor and uneducated?

As expected, our favorite Devil or ignorant internet "minstrel show", if you will, is back as an uncle tom Indian, named Christy. Let me ask you this, Why is it that whites say rich Black people, who hate their own race and can't see that racism exists, are educated blacks?? and How come rich educated Blacks who speak the truth about racism, are called ignorant Blacks or Racists Blacks by whites??

What are you saying, when, you whites call a rich educated Black man who speaks the truth about racism an ignorant nigger or Black racists. Do you think that all Black men should be poor and hate their own race and kiss the white man's ass??

im saying this. i dont know if you are ritch or poor, but you are very ignorant.and im not white but you can kiss my ass.

I thought you weren't going to say anything else. Hahahahaha. Lying is one of the top traits of whites...HAHAHAHA. You can't asnwer my questions or prove me wrong, however, you call me ignorant. Hahahaha. You ignorant "minstrel show". Since you are acting like a bitch, go fuck yourself with a white dildo...HAHAHAHAHA. Uh-ohhh, I see there's going to be another hurricane this week. The LORD is using these hurricanes to destroy America, just as prophesized in the bible. All you Whites and Uncle Toms WILL be punished by the LORD. YOUR JUDGEMENT DAY is coming very SOON. The wrath of the LORD is here. HAHAHAHAHA. Death to America. All praises due to The Most High and Christ for destroying America and the racist devils and uncle toms in it. HAHAHAHAHA

ron, you are so stupid. talking about how god is going to kill all the white race. what, is the black race going first because i believe that the majority of the victoms in NO are black. you are suck an idiot. and the reason i keep writting to you is because the bullshit that you spew amuses me

Ah yes, it's the lying devil, who wants us to believe, he is an Indian. Just so you know, Hurricane Katrina was not only here to destroy America, It was also here to wake up GODS people who are ignorant and believe you white people are not racist and some of the ignorant ones who kill their own people(they are uncle toms as well). This is why some of GODS people are finally waking up and see the whites and George Bush, the government for who they really are, THE DEVIL. Don't worry, the white races, time is coming soon. I expect to hear from you soon. Or one of your other characters. HAHAHAHHA

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