SONY Wants to Pay You to Bootleg Their Music


Record label RCA, which is owned by SONY/BMG is releasing a new single by Kelly Clarkson in the Weed format.

No, not that type of weed. The Weed I'm talking about is a format for sharing music where a fan can get a peice of the gwap for passing on tracks that someone else might buy.

Sounds complicated? I thought so too. However, it's cool that labels are embracing new ways to distribute their music, instead of running away from the future.


No, No, you got it wrong. Just like Bill Gates allowed Microsoft X-BOX to be hacked, so he can learn how they do it and find ways to make it almost impossible to hack it. Same thig sony is doing, finding out the basis of file sharing, exploit it and make it impossible to pirate.

grey goose u stoopid bitch devils son is right. the onlyb reason the want to do it like that is to prevent it from ever happening again

I'm sorry, I missed the part where they gave the address to pick the weed up. Could someone email the address it to me?

Weed file sharing has been around for a minute. The company is great and an all independent internet and satelite radio station has been using it for a minute. It protects the work of the artists and the money goes right into the artists accounts on every purchase from whomever wherever listens to it. (at least thats how it was explained to me) The company has a great staff and appreciates the indie artists.

Tiffany Carr
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I'll stick to MP3

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