Concerts- the 4th Element of Hip-hop Media


Now that hip-hop is offically the popular youth music of America, I'm waiting for our live rap shows to catch up. We got the video element mastered, and the magazine photo shoot, and the radio drop. But what about the live show?

Across the country venues that traditional have been for rock or jazz acts, have opened up their doors to rappers. But are emcees doing more shows? Well, not the mainstream cats.

Underground collectives like Blackalicious and Atmosphere having been sopping up that tour gravy for years now. I wonder, why don't mid-level rappers like Juelz Santana do the 75 day, zig-zag across the country tour? When's the last time he rocked the mic in Oklahoma City?

No wonder Davey D is frustrated by wack live shows. Rappers aren't doing enough of them to invest in making it really good.


I think is because Hip Hop is so divided now. I am sorry to say Santana or anyother NY emcee ain't gone get no love in Oklahoma or no other southern region state. Most down south rappers don't get no love on the upper east Coast. West Coast the same way! Very few rappers get love everywhere, but the large majority don't! I listen to East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South and Midwest music! Hip Hop is just a divided nation. So if Lil Boosie go to NY and Santana go to Lousiana and Yukmouth go to STL you will have 3 concerts with like 60 fans total.

Juelz is the worse rapper next to Cam'Ron.......I know not many nyggas down here in SC wanna hear dat bullshit......but i don't think Hip-hop is dat excluding in places though, i know sum up North rappers would get love down here........but West coast bullshit, hell naw........

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