Rap Kills?

According to Jose Martinez of the NY Daily News being a rapper is a deadly profession. In today's article about Al Sharpton's anti-hiphop crusade, Martinez writes:

"50 Cent, for one, boasts about surviving nine gunshot wounds. But several other rappers have been gunned down in beefs that turned deadly."

I would like to know who these several other rappers are.

Is he talking about Big L? Can't be. L was shot by thugs who probably mistook him as his brother. Nothing to do with hip-hop.

Jam Master Jay was also shot down, but the case is unsolved and it's dounbtful it had anything to do with a rap beef.

Maybe Big Pun or ODB? Nope and nope. One died of heart disease, the other of a drug overdose.

Easy E? Aids.

Left Eye? Car crash.

Dag, then who?? Ahh, maybe Tupac then? No dice. The popular theory is that Pac was killed as a retaliation for beating up a gang member hours earlier. His killing wasn't caused by any of his lyrical content at all.

It's crazy- the NYPD has killed more Black men in the last ten years then hip-hop has. I would rather see Jose Martinez, the Daily News and the rest of media shed more light on that topic rather than spread this myth of violence in hip-hop.

Posted by SOHH Hashim at March 21, 2005 12:13 PM


Just another writer writing from the outside looking in. There is only one person who has died from Hip-Hop that I know of, and that's Trouble T-Roy. Died while dancing.

Posted by: SOHH Bold at March 21, 2005 5:54 PM

I so agree with you Hashim. I mean be for real everyday someone is dying how about they talk about a new way to prevent our people from dying from AIDS or how to teach cops that when a teenager is waving his hands in the air that doesn't mean that he's giving the go ahead to be shot.
I believe that this is all politics misery loves company so why not go after what makes more money and publicity. Al didn't make it with the elections so he goes after hip-hop. Don't get me wrong I respect him but I say to people like that just give it up hip-hop is something that will be around forever if you can't beat it just join it. I'm tired of people downing hip-hop. I know that it's their opinion but like everyone else these cats are working it's a 9 to 5. Probably more than that. I give all these rappers props and those up and coming in the future.
Violence is an on going thing read the Bible that sh*t aint gonna change. It's life; what we see, live, breathe, and read.

Posted by: Tannise at March 22, 2005 12:19 AM

Well put, Hashim. Anyone who thinks hip hop is sooo violent and dangerous today obviously doesnt remember when going to a concert in the park was a life or death decision.

Posted by: Lazarus at March 22, 2005 10:18 AM

I feel all that has been said. It's unfortunate that the focus is on Hip Hop and not on death in general within our culture. Lets face the real muzic folks. They never wanted us here to begin with or at least not as much control as we currently possess. This is why when we get rich, we branch out and extend our arms out to the rest of our folks so that they have a chance to explore other things besides the hood. Belive me, I'm from compton, been here all my life, know all these cats that have hit the music industry outta Compton...I'm here to tell you, this place is a breeding ground for murder and mayhem. Believe me, you don't see these dudes around hangin in the hood as they did in their inception. Its just not good business. Niggas is hungry and any chance a nigga get to come up and he gotta pistol, it's fair game.

Somewhere along the lines we rappers forgot that bullets kill. They don't just burn and sting, they literally take you away from all that ever loved you as well all that ever hated you.

So yeah, COMPTON PD (Sheriffs) look for cats liek me to merk, that ain't new. What's crazy is that we are helping them get rid of us......Keep it real talk.....Lookout for that KUSCH MUZIC....

Posted by: COMPTON at March 29, 2005 8:49 PM


Posted by: Joel at August 17, 2005 5:28 PM

Whats All This Bullshit About, I Mean Its Rap MUSIC! i know its been said, but have you watched TV u cant get more violent than that. i mean lets get real! the sapranos is a top Tv series, and in that case it promotes orginized crime. lets be serious i pay for my cd, to hear what there sayin, if they changed what they talked about i would listen to the people who didnt change, these politicans can suck my dck

Posted by: Joe Flitt at October 25, 2005 3:04 AM

ive worked in an inner city school for over two years now and my view on rap music has completely changed. i used to think that people made a big deal out of nothing but that was before i started working where much of the rap music is inpsired. The inner city is a tough place to grow up in and the music that comes out of it may reflect this, but to glorfiy drug dealing and murdering does not make living this life any easier. I see recent immigrants to this country reciting the lyrics to 50 cents candy shop more fluently than they can participate in the classroom. This is not right. Plus all i hear kids talking about is how they want to fuck each other up, or "blast" each other. In my opinion ganster rap music compounds a already difficult life. Rap artists will come out and say, "parents should take better care of their kids and keep them from listening to our music." But we all know that so many kids from the inner city come from single parent homes and those parents cant always be there so as a result these kids can watch and listen to whatever they want. Rather than having parents to teach them values, they have 50 cent and eminem teaching them how to solve problems in their lives through violence. How can all of you sit back and defend this violent music. look around you, look at what it does to children. So what if Al sharpton is wrong about rappers killing rappers, thats not the point, its that alot of rap promotes violent lifestyles. I still listen to rap, just not the negative kind.

Posted by: Gabriel at November 16, 2005 1:38 PM