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Joell Ortiz, Tru Life Show Amor For Toca

Remember when Tony Toca was the end all, be all of the mixtape game? Well, ya should. Touch has been doing rap for a minute and reggaeton just as long. Check the new track, “We Run NY” feat. Tru Life, Joell Ortiz and Lumidee, at It’s off his upcoming album Reggaetony 2, which drops June 5.


To end this week of vacay, Goya was chillaxin’ in BK (in between gigs nah mean), Ima leave you from a quote from the “Dat Dude” of the week: Joell Ortiz. He’s a stand-up cat and hope he gets a lot of burn with The Brick and that his Aftermath debut is soon a reality. Below is what he had to say when I asked him what separates him from the new crop of Latino MCs like Omar Cruz, Termanology, Tru-Life, etc.


Joell Ortiz Is On Some Bullshit


Joell “Real name, no gimmicks” Ortiz drops another banger off his new album, The Brick. Repping the borough Goya calls home, here is “Brooklyn Bullshit.”

Joell Ortiz Keeps It Hood, Calle 13 Todavia Solteros


Our favorite NY rapero Joell Ortiz (sorry Tru, its BK all day) just released his video for “Hip Hop,” the first single off The Brick on (thanks for the heads up kcmex1218). As always JO keeps it straight street hop.


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Williamsburg (the real one not that gentrified ish), Brooklyn MC, Joell Ortiz is working on some heat for the masses. Let’s hope Dre pulls an Eminem and not a Rakim on JO. See below for Joell’s dealing with the good Doctor.


Pt. 1 Joell Ortiz, "Oh shit! It's Dr. Dre"


I recently talked to the lyrical beast that is Joell Ortiz and he dropped some Dr. Dre jewels on me. And when I say beast I mean like of gargantuan proportions. Just wait for Joell’s KOCH joint, The Brick, and you’ll see. Check what he had to say below.


Dr. Dre Goes To Joell Ortiz's Bodega


Dr. Dre is always a huge plus for your career. Ask Em or 50. So we know Joell Ortiz is in good hands. But what happens when Dre opposes your wishes, when you know your decision is right. You bounce like Rakim?


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