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Goya spills the beans on . . .

Dem Dudes:
Wisin y Yandel
got the whole “bigger on mun2” treatment with their latest album. The boricua duo did a couple of funny videos including the borderline queso one below.

Visit page on mun2

Hump Day Hottie:
the MySpace chick not Carmelo’s piece is getting some burn on the video channels and also on the sites. The chicana told her story to [Si] Entertainment. Below is an excerpt.


"When I'm trying to explain to executives how I grew up, I can't even give an example. My family's not like George Lopez."

"I'm a smart girl, but there's always going to be a certain look that's appealing to me," she admits. "If you got some Cortez and some f**king Dickies on where the crease is right, I have to at least give you a second look."

Sounds like Goya’s type. Check the rest here.

These pics somehow landed in my e-mail (courtesy of Jay the Jeweler; it’s a Brooklyn thang papa) and well I had to post’em. It’s pics from the Besame Lingerie show. Besame is a brand name from Colombia where the girls are fine and they like to get hickies on they chest (word to Lil’ Shawn).


let his Gunslingers joint out recently. The mixtape is hot fire so click here to listen to some tracks.




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