Diaz Bros.: "The whole situation with TVT is such a mess . . . Pit's gotta keep movin and keep tourin"


This is some excerpts from my phoner with Lou Diaz of the production duo The Diaz Bros. He broke down the whole Latin rap scene and what exactly is happening with Pitbull.


On Pit’s TVT situation:

The whole situation with TVT is such a mess that we’re going through the motions right now. It’s really hard to put your heart into something that we started. Pit’s gotta keep movin and keep tourin’. When you don’t have that harmony with your label, I think it’s beyond the producers he’s working with, it’s just that you can’t anything done. Being that TVT is such a difficult label to work with it makes it difficult for people who want to work him to do so. I think that affects Pit’s sound. There was collaboration with R. Kelly that didn’t happen. TVT has done good things for Pit but ultimately I don’t feel he has reached his potential on that label.

Will The Boatlift be Pit’s last album on TVT?:
He still has one more album. But there’s so much legal stuff surrounding it.

Reggaeton is done, Latin Rap is the future:

I think reggaeton had its run. I respect what it did as an industry. I really think it woke up the world to Latin artists and producers in general. I think straight Latin rap has always been there but . . . we have family still in Chile and we check to see where the scene is now. It’s behind like 15 years from here. Culturally the mainstream still sees it as the hood music. It’s still bubbling. I think the whole Latin rap scene is waiting for that 2Pac to come and set it off. I welcome it because we didn’t participate in the whole reggaeton movement. I’m excited about because I’d love to find that dude that will do it for Latin rap.



PS: Mi gente manana will be my final post for SOHH Latino. It’s been hella fun and rewarding. In the meantime keep on supporting Latin rap and reggaeton!

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