Diaz Bros. Get Down With Loud.com


I caught up with Lou Diaz of the production duo the Diaz Bros. Ya know Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, etc. They’re down with the whole Loud.com movement. Check what he had to say below.


Their involvement with Loud.com:
“With Loud.com we’re with one of the producers that the contestants can download our beats. Actually Cool of Cool & Dre turned us on to the site,” Lou said. “Our role is to provide them with beats for the contestants to download and they can access us as producers. To be able to do their own material over it and be able to submit it, I think is a really cool concept. For somebody who has talent and isn’t able to access the type of producers that are on the site could be able to put together a crazy joint and who knows.”

What if an MC catches their eye who doesn’t win the Loud contest:
“If we notice someone on there that jumps out at us it’s almost like a MySpace situation. That’s how we found our new artist Casely. It’ll be a real launching pad and not only that these ‘real’ producers are on there checking it. You don’t get that opportunity anywhere else.”

What’s next?:
“We signed DJ Lives from Hot 96 down here. We’re reinventing him. We have a record out with Pit and Flo-Rida. Then we signed an R&B artist named Casely out of Miami. We released a record out here in Miami and it reached number one. We’re literally, after I get off the phone with you, we’re closing the Epic deal today. That’s our next artist since Pit that we’ve branded.”



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