JR Writer, "Cam and Jim are cool; they just had some personal differences"


Diplomat JR Writer seems to be riding high his own success. Having inked a million-dollar deal with indie Babygrande (for distribution of his own label) el dominicano is set to make a name for himself outside the shadows of his bickering bosses. XXLmag caught up with duke and got the skinny on his deal among other thangs. Writer’s Block 5 drops Nov. 20.


The end of the Dips?
”We’re cool. I don’t like to feed into all of thatâ€"the media likes to blow a lot of things out of proportion. But as far as the 50 Cent and G-Unit ordeal, that’s music. Cam and Jim are cool, they just had some personal differences.”

Will all the beef surrounding his camp negatively affect his career?

”I don’t really feel it will. Anytime I did a record, it was in retaliation. I’m not the type of person to start beef to sell records. I did what I had to do to respond to people getting at me. I did one record and addressed everybody and that was that. I really don’t do the crazy back and forth, because to me it’s not that serious. To me it’s one record, you’re down and I keep it moving. It’s funny how people misuse the word beefâ€"beef is when your mom can’t walk the street and it’s not on record. So to me what’s going on in the industry is not beef. I feel like if you have a beef record, that’s one lane, but when you’re doing your album and working through your label, that’s another. You don’t let the two mix. There’s no way you can be successful and let personal shit affect your work.”



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