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Don Omar Has It On Lock


Yes, it’s all about Daddy Yankee for now. Even here at SOHH Latino we supporting El Cangri pero we know Don Omar is lurking. It started with him tearing the stage down at La Kalle’s El Bling Blineo in NYC earlier this month. The same concert that DY was supposed to perform at but got sick.


Lo Mejor de Rap En Espanol: Malverde & Tres Coronas


Best Spanish language MC: Malverde
The son of migrant fieldworkers, the Mexican-American MC has a B.A. in Political Science so you know he’s drops science on the reg. A Spanish language MC with substance. Zuh? What’s that? That’s Malverde. He’s prepping his next album La Leyenda Continua so be on the lookout.


Goya Flavored Wednesdays


Goya spills the beans on . . .

Most underrated Latino MC: Pitbull
Yea, I said. And he’s not limiting himself to just music. His Pitbull’s La Esquina on mun2 is pretty hilarious. It coulda been type cheese but so far Pit has made it a pretty cool 30 minutes. Yes, he disappointed us a bit with El Mariel but he’s due for a bangin album. All the tools are there: lyrics, flow, making chick drop their panties, charisma. Actually one tip maybe work with other cats outside of Lil Jon and the Diaz Bros. Matter fact how about an album w/o any beats by those dudes. Pit over a Polow track or a Danja track or a Alchemist beat. What?! Now you talkin’. Dale!


“I'm the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull/Master the flow, niggaz be swearin' I'm blacker than coal”
â€" Big Punisher “Dream Shatterer” (1998)

“He speak English fluent his Spanish pequeno/So doin’ reggaeton a slight problemo/Plus he sound Moreno/They ain’t know he was Spanish ‘til he transformed from Quick and got his government established”
â€" Joell Ortiz “125 Part 1 (The Bio)” (2007)


Mr. Cartoon Got Omar Cruz’s Back


After breaking bread with The Game for his debut album, Sign of the Cruz, Omar Cruz hit ya boy Goya up for a few. He let me know who else is on his album production-wise and his strong connection with Mr. Cartoon and his familia.


Notch, "Reggaeton is getting better in its sound."


Don’t get it twisted. Notch isn’t a new school El General. He’s more like a new school, well, Notch. You see the reggae/dancehall/reggaeton artist was a part of Born Jamericans so he’s been through this before. So when it came to drop his Machete solo debut Raised by the People , Notch knew how to tackle any obstacle that came his way. He also knows what goes comes around. Check his take on the reggaeton slump.


Chingo Bling Is Worse Than Jin The MC


Hot off my bachelor party (I see you MrBBain, HD, Big O, R. Dot, Mr. King Me, Army Ans, etc.) this weekend where asses of all colors were thrown in my face and every type of Tequila was tasted I came home to peep the new issue of Batanga Magazine. Maybe it was the booze but Chingo Bling is an idiot. Nah, he just is a pendejo.


NORE, Bun B Help Garcia Con Su Vida


MIA spitter Garcia is finally hitting shelves with his official debut, Life Unscripted, on July 17. The opus is being executive produced by NORE and DJ EFN on Crazy Hood Productions and Latchkey Recordings with KOCH distribution.

Party W/ N.O.R.E., Luny Tunes Get Naughty W/ Jzabehl


Check these fly ass dominicanas out: Jzabehl. Comprised of Roxiny Rivas and Keiry Valdez, they’re collaborated with Los Pitbulls, Alexis y Fido on their Luny Tunes-produced “Naughty Boys.” They’re re-releasing their self-titled debut album digitally on June 26th. For more information on the artists, visit www.jzabehl.net

J Lo Gets Swizz Beatz Up


First he’s establishing himself as a pretty damn good solo artist, then revitalizing Eve and now Swizz Beatz is gonna lend some magic to Jenny Lo. According to vh1.com they’re working together on her next English language album, which is a good idea cuz that Spanish one is type weak in sales and quality.


Fabolous Saves Hip-Hop . . . Not Quite Pero


According to Nielsen’s SoundScan Fabolous’ From Nothin’ to Somethin’ debuted at number two. Congrats are in order for the 158,000 copies he moved. But is it really that much of accomplishment? It is.


Goya Flavored Wednesdays


Goya spills the beans on . . .

Dat Dude:
Coño! You know hip-hop labels don’t know jack when Termanology still don’t have a deal he’s happy with. But F that. Term is grinding harder than Juan Valdez. He’s scheduled to be on Sway & Tech's infamous Wake Up Show this upcoming Sunday and will be performing at NY’s Hot 97’s Who’s Next el proximo Wednesday at SOBs. He’ll be performing wit Keith Murray, wait how the hell is KM a new cat? Oh how we forget. Anyway the most beautifulest thing in the world is new Latino MCs killing (pause). Ayo, where’s Hood Politics V?


Cuban Link Is Delusional


Remember Cuban Link? The man who was one of Big Pun’s closest friends and brightest TS stars at one point. Well, apparently he is or has already launching a site called http://www.cubanlinkondemand.com/ , where you can basically pay $4.99 per month to see him. Yes him. Interviews, concerts, just one on one with CLK.


N.O.R.E. & Kanye Get Hooked On Dat Cocaina


Been bumping this all weekend and so should you. NO is back with a vengeance. With the help of DJ Green Lantern he dropped Cocaine on Steroids mixtape early this month and the ish is straight fiyah. The cover is snatched from some Fader feature or something. Don’t read the mag, lil’ too sweet for Goya’s taste.


Don Omar Goes Down South


This is how you know you’re big. Don Omar is one of the few artists chosen to perform at the beginning of La Copa America 2007 in Venezuela. If you ain’t a futbol fan then let me put you on. La Copa America is the biggest soccer championships in South America, where every nation a good team competes.


Calle 13 Wants To Meet Ya Chick


Wanna meet Calle 13? Actually better question does ya girl wanna meet these cats? Well you might get a shot. They’re a holding a contest right now to win two tix in four different cities.

Here’s the link that explains all the info:



N.O.R.E. Talks To Big Pun


Wanting to know what N.O.R.E. is cooking up for his next album, Global Warming 11368? Pick up an issue of Scratch (shout out to the hardest working ME in the rap rag gameâ€"Lizzie C.) with Lil’ Wayne and DJ Khaled on the cover. In it NO spills the beans on eight tracks from his upcoming ish.

Photo by Jared Ryder

Earlier this week Lumidee told In Touch Mag about an illness I only thought affect older peeps. Apparently she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis since she was 14. It got so bad for Lumi that she was forced to get hip replacement surgery because doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk if she stayed with her original bones. Her hips are now made of metal and plastic.


Daddy Yankee, Reggaeton's Rey of Reyes


I know Ima catch flack for yet another DY post pero damn yo he‘s making the headlines. What can I do? And he‘s helping ‘ton get more popular. According to the latest Soundscan numbers Daddy Yankee‘s El Cartel: The Big Boss debuted at number 9 with sales of 81,800--which is pretty decent nowadays.


Malverde Hopes Not To Pull A Saigon


When I met Malverde out in Cali a couple of years back he had little to no peeps with him. He rolled dolo to a party. But now apparently he’s got a while freakin entourage. Actually no he isn’t gassed. Music from his first album Mi Palabra is being featured on the HBO hit show Entourage.


Goya Flavored Wednesdays


Goya spills the beans on . . .

Dat Dude:
Here’s what Jim Jones had to say about Stack Bundles’ passing. He posted it on his myspace page.

“Where do we begin? The Dipset/ByrdGang family is deeply saddened by our loss. Not only did we lose a member but we lost a brother and a friend. Rayquon Elliot a.k.a Stack Bundles was a joy to be around, charming, very intelligent, compassionate and concerned about the upliftment and enrichment of his community and the people in it. Unfortunately his goals and aspirations were cut short by the hands of dream stealers. We can not stress enough that a young star's light was put out before he had a chance to shine in front of the world. We would like this to be a lesson to the rap game...too many of our talented artist are losing the battle of life before their voices have a chance to be heard. Something must change…”


Knuckleheads need to grow up or they’ll be a lot more mofos six feet under.

He’s back today. Next to Method Man, Fabolous is the rapper who has pretty much squandered his talent. My homeboy HD isn’t impressed but I’ll give him a shot. On his new album From Nothin' To Somethin' it’s more of the traditional laid back domincano with witty one-liners. But then he’s also got the ish that makes you wanna shoot your iPod.


The Ongoing Death De Dipset


The death of Jim Jones’s homeboy Stack Bundles is just another reason why the Dips are slowly approaching a moribund state themselves. As one of the strongest cliques in recent rap history the Dips had a good run but internal beefs and the rise of Jimmy as a star have given way for its demise.


Like I said I made it to La Kalle’s El Bling Blineo at Shea Stadium at Queens, NY. We get there get the passes. And wouldn’t you know I get into it with my wife over some stupid ass ish. We say things we don’t mean, we finally get to the seats and sit down with our screwfaces for the first hour. All the while we caught a dope performance from Tito El Bambino, who sang his hits “Flow Natural” and “Siente El Boom.” As the night progressed our screwfaces were gone and we enjoyed seeing Hector El Father (who’s looks like he’s eaten his former potna Tito) performing “El Telefono,” “Sola,” and “Mayor Que Yo.”


Daddy Yankee Hunks Chunks, Cancels Concert, PR Float


So I’m on my way to Shea on Saturday night with wifey by my side to go attend La Kalle’s El Bling Blineo. I was kinda of hype to see both Daddy Yankee and Don Omar perform. We’re discussing which cat is gonna close the show. Right when we get to the press check-in they we’re handed a press release that reads, “Daddy Yankee forced to cancel performance . . . due to illness.” WTF?


Damn it’s been a minute but Frankie Cutlass has been scratching ish up on the reg. He’s one of the most prominent DJs in the game, Latino or non. If don’t know the name, you know his anthem boricua anthem. Well just in time for the weekend he put together a lil ditty for la parada. “PR Get Money” featuring Jim Jones and Joell Ortiz. Go peep it at myspace.com/officialfrankiecutlass.


You want real hip-hop? Ima tell you again check for the hottest mofo to come out of Massachusetts: Termanology. I was reading his blog over at hiphopdx and got chills. He’s working with Preemo again and if it’s anything like “Watch How It Goes Down” then we in for another banger.


Nore is back to being Nore. He‘s hard at work on his next album Global Warming 11368 and you can listen to one of the dopest joints at Myspace.com/nore. Check his Three 6 Mafia-assisted “Don‘t Worry I‘ll Wait.” I also caught with one of his closest homeboys again, producer SPK.


Tres Coronas Hit La Calle, La Mala's New Ish


I got love for these dudes cuz they’re one of the few repping Colombia hard. And they dope as f*%k. After releasing their Machete album, Nuestra Cosa, they now dropping a hood opus called Street Album on June 11. They’re releasing this joint independently via Parcero Production and their next Machete release is due this fall.


Goya Flavored Wednesdays


Goya spills the beans on . . .

Dat Dude:

So after his nephew lied for him Fat Joe is set to talk to the Miami Beach police about a shooting that left two dead. And it seems like he’s stay true to that “don’t snitch” BS code. His Jewish lawyer (wild guess) told the NY Daily News his client didn’t see jack. I dunno. If you see something, say it. I believe in ya Joey. Well maybe I don’t. We’ll see what happens.


Who's A Better Puerto Rock? Daddy Yankee or Zion?


Today is the day when two of the most anticipated reggaeton albums drop. Daddy Yankee’s El Cartel: The Big Boss and Zion’s The Perfect Melody. Now forget about sales cuz you know El Cangri will outsell Z. Focus on pure quality. After listening to both albums Ima take the politically correct route and say they’re both dope. Dope in their own ways.


Malverde Spits La Verdad About Coca


One of my favorite mexicanos rapping is back. Malverde’s new video for “She Was My” off his upcoming La Leyenda Continua is type dope. It’s directed by video director legend Daniel Hastings (he did a lot of Wu ish, show respect) and the visuals are ill. Those puppet skeletons remind me El Dia De Los Muertos. Anyway, dope song, dope clip. Check it.

Capone-N-Noreaga's Arma Secreta


By now you’ve heard about the Loud.com Presents Battle Rap contest. It’s where ya homeboy Steve Rifkind (he signed Big Pun) picks the next cat to blow. Along to help him is a slew of beat makers including frequent NORE collaborator SPK. Check what he had to tell me about the contest and his sound.


Zion's Video Nuevo, Go To His Fiesta


Now before he drops the video for his hot as huevos single “The Way She Moves,” Zion has released a clip for “Zun Da Da.” It’s on some secret agent tip and seems to be filmed in the MIA. Also check below your chance to meet or chill with Zion.

And you thought she was just about culo. Model/reggaetonera Mayra Veronica just inked a multi-million dollar deal with CMG/Universal Motown. The former Don Francisco Presenta model’s single “Mamma Mia” topped the Latin charts and caught the attention of the record label’s CEO, Luis Navarro.


Not sure whether you wanna buy Daddy Yankee’s new album? Well head over to mtv.com and peep it before you lay down your lira on it. Here’s the link to listen to El Cartel: The Big Boss: http://www.mtv.com/music/the_leak/daddy_yankee/el_cartel/?refSite=tr3


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