Real Men Cry, Ask Tego Calderon


First I gotta give props to Rich L. for dropping this video in the comments yesterday. I haven’t been up-to-date on my Spanish language TV for a minute so thanks for this. Now on to Tego. What more can you say about duke? He’s beyond a class act. He’s as real as you and I.

The above is taken from Univison’s Don Francisco Presenta. But before I get to TC, what the hell was up with that dumb-ass Valerie. She came off like a damn idiot. “Reggaeton is about sex!” Shut the hell up. And those Mexican ranchero dudes, why they gotta hate on a genre they don’t know jack about? Don Francisco then reminds everyone that urban music is much more. Tego sings a bit from “Mi Papá,” a song about his deceased father. He also made it clear that it was a hip-hop song. He let some tears drop, got choked up and everyone shut the hell up . . . especially that Valeria chick.

Tego cried, y que? That’s a real dude right there. He cried because his pops didn’t see his success or his grandchildren. I can relate. My pops had a stroke last year and I cried like a momma’s boy on the first day of school. I didn’t want to lose my pops. Thank God he's still with me. But my pops will never be the same, his mind wanders at times. Shit, I don’t even know if he’ll remember that I’m getting hitched this year but that’s life. Tego reminds us that life and family are bigger than rap, bigger than media, bigger than industry parties. And that’s real talk.



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