I Hate Big Pun


I loathe what Big Pun did. Yes, I very well know he was one of the best that ever held a mike but duke was dead wrong for what he did to his wife.


The first time I saw Big Pun Still Not A Player was at a press screening for it. I was with my boy Dick Johnson, a couple of wide-eyed rookie journalists. I was anticipating to go check that shit. I mean Pun was it for me. I was Q-Tip fan first, then Redman and then Cypress but none of them were as nice as BP. I digress, DJ and I go to the screening. First we shocked at how fuckin’ skinny he was and then it came. That disgusting scene where Chris Rios pistol whips his wife. The room went silent. Absolute silence . . . I looked at my boy and said, “This is fuckin’ crazy.” I got mad at that fat fuck. I was like this piece of shit with all the money he had and through all the shit his wife went through cuz you know he was cheating…wow. I know, I know we’ve heard that she was creeping also but simple solution: divorce and don’t carry on the dance that ain’t going anywhere.

Like I need to say it there is no good reason to hit a woman. That’s my word. Call me what you want, Captain Save-A-Hoe, I don’t give a shit. If Pun were your brother-in-law, on the real, would you let that dude keep breathing? It took me a while since I could listen to Big Moon Dog again. I mean he was a monster in his wife’s eyes but I couldn’t deny his genius. No one is perfect. U.S. presidents were slave owners, rapists, Miles Davis also shared Pun’s bad habit so who are we supposed to admire? No one in my opinion. We can support what we like about a person but that’s it. Keep it moving.



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