Jim Jones is Caaaaaalllllllllliiiinnnnnnn


Your favorite rapper’s favorite hater is at it again. Jim Jones drops his third solo joint today, Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment). Duke is a classic character.


What he lacks in verbal skill he more than makes up in just being a timeless asshole. Even his hit single “We Fly High” sparked one of the most assholian (yeah I know it’s not a word) catchphrases of the new era rap: “BBAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLIN’!”


Just imagine if the half Puerto Rock, half black rapper was on the phone with a baby mama. Check it:

Jim Jones: Who this?
Baby Mama: You know who this is.
JJ: Bitch, why you cccaaaaaaaaalllllllllin’?
BM: Lil’ Jimmy needs clothes money and I need some cash also.
JJ: Don’t give me that shit. I’m in the middle of a poker game and I’m bout to go aaaaaaalllllllllllllll in.
BM: Oh so you got money to bet but not for your seed?
JJ: I got money for everything, just not you…I be forever bbbbbbaaaaaaallllllin.

Pretty annoying, right. Anyway Jimmy’s new joint hits stores today and it ain’t half bad for an asshole.



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