Telemundo's Got Hot Sex on the Platter


Spanish-language soaps (sans the dope females) aren’t that manly, but Telemundo may have just tapped into what all men love â€" sex and Latinas â€" with their "Decisiones (Decisions)" show. At times, the scenario is a little less than believable but who the hell cares? Check the story from an episode a couple of weeks ago.


A CEO of a company thinks his wife is cheating on him. So he tells his boy, who is the one responsible for his agony. But it turns out she’s been humping around like B. Brown with the mailman, the pizza deliveryman, the milkman . . . if you didn’t realize it yet, she’s a nympho. Her husband confronts her at dinner by bringing in four of the men she’s been showing her hoo-ha to. She cries, he screams, etc. She runs off to her friend’s crib who happens to be the wife of her husband’s friend that she’s been sleeping with . . . I know keep up with me.

She's sobbing to her homegirl about her nympho ways. Then she starts rubbing her but before any "Boys Don’t Cry" action, their husbands walk in. They scream at each other and finally clear things up. Fade to a couple weeks later. The CEO and his wife are back together. Someone’s at their door. It’s their friends (the dude that slept with his wife) and an orgy ensues.


Crazy, right? It seems like every other soft-core porn episode of "Decisiones" ends in an orgy. A couple is having trouble at home . . . it ends with an orgy. A couple is trying to have a baby . . . orgy. Shit someone farts . . . you know it, orgy. It’s not the best moral-based programming as it pretends to be but sometimes it’s cool to see what not to do in your relationship.

Also, peep the cheesy soundtrack. They have a reggaeton mix, a cumbia mix ... well, you get the idea. Decisiones airs on Telemundo at 10PM (Eastern) Monday thru Friday.

PS: Props to Pitbull for dropping a solid sophomore effort with El Mariel but more on him manana.



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