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The World Celebrates Obama's Victory

Posted on November 11, 2008 4:06 PM

I was sitting at home and sulking about the fact that my time with SOHH is about to be over when I found this great photo essay at Time.com. Apparently the ballers at TIme had a bunch of photographers all over the world snapping pics on election day. Looks like American Negros weren't the only ones that were happy. Check the link here

Posted by Biko


Yes it took a black man to win the presidency of the US for the world to celebrate and be happy for. Never has a white man been able to accomplish this. All other countries exept for the UK hate white people because of past history. They only tolerate them win they come to their countries cause they know that they have the big $$$$ and pretty much still rules the world. There are far more colored people in this world then whites. So of course it would take a colored individual to Unite the World so to speak. In my opinion this one of the biggest accomplishments in "WORLD HISTORY"!!!!

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